Can pregnant women blow air conditioners?

Can pregnant women blow air conditioners?

There are many rumors that pregnant women can not blow air conditioning, because pregnant women because of their special physique, environmental and temperature requirements are particularly sensitive, once blown out of the disease, on their own and fetal health is not conducive, so that pregnant women should stay away from air conditioning. This makes the pregnant woman who is hot and sweaty miserable.

As the saying goes, “pregnant women over three volts, belly furnace”, pregnant women’s metabolism is higher than the general population, body temperature is also higher than non-pregnant 0.2-0.5 degrees Celsius, and pregnant women’s ability to withstand high temperatures is poor, so will be more afraid of heat than ordinary people. In fact, pregnant women can blow air conditioners. Pregnant women only blow air conditioners correctly, not only will not harm the fetus health, but also more advantages than disadvantages.

The advantages of air conditioning for pregnant women are obvious:

1. Heavy hot air in summer, pregnant women are more likely to have fever and sweat than ordinary people, if the heat dissipation is not timely, the impact on the mother and child is great. Appropriate air conditioning is conducive to heat dissipation for pregnant women.

2, the air is sultry, and when the body feels hot, the appetite will also be affected. The use of air conditioning to change the room temperature, pregnant women will feel comfortable, so that the mood will become calm, appetite will be better.

Therefore, if the weather is really hot, it is recommended to let pregnant women blow air conditioners, but be careful not to catch cold.

Pregnant women blow air conditioning matters needing attention

1, keep the air fresh.

Avoid long-term use of air conditioning, if the use of air conditioning feel stuffy, dizzy, dry skin, itching, and even the air has an odor, then most of the air in your room is not fresh. After a period of continuous use of air conditioning, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioning, change the indoor air, after the indoor temperature slightly rises, open the window for ventilation. At least 10 minutes or more, this can reduce the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the air and improve the air quality.

2, regular cleaning air conditioning

The air conditioner will absorb dust and bacteria, so it needs regular cleaning. Some of the air-conditioning components, especially air filters, need to be occasionally cleaned to remove dust and dust mites and bacteria.

3, air humidification or drink plenty of water.

During pregnancy, the skin condition is much worse than before, especially susceptible to dryness, and blowing air conditioning can aggravate dryness. When using air conditioning, open the air humidifier is a good choice, at the same time to drink more water, add enough moisture, if necessary, you can apply moisturizing cream.

4, set the appropriate temperature.

When air conditioning is used, it is recommended that the temperature be adjusted to 26 ~28 C, which will make you feel comfortable. If the office mother is pregnant, there is no need to worry too much when the air conditioning is too low and out of control. The low temperature in the room usually does not harm the baby, because the warm uterus and amniotic fluid wrapped around the baby will give him enough protection, but it is better to keep a thin coat to prevent a cold.

In addition to setting the air conditioning temperature appropriate, we should also pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature. The ideal indoor and outdoor temperature difference recommended by experts is 5~7 degrees.

5, when blowing air conditioning, pay attention to prevent colds.

The most important thing for pregnant women to use air conditioners is to prevent colds. In the use of air conditioning, we should pay special attention to the following points.

(1) pay attention to temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large.

(2) don’t let the cold air blow directly on the body.

(3) it is best not to blow cold air directly while sweating.

(4) Do not go directly from the low-temperature indoor to high-temperature outdoor hot weather, pregnant women if to outdoor activities, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioning half an hour before going out, in the body to adapt to high temperatures after activities. Do not open the windows immediately after the air conditioner is closed, and wait until the indoor temperature rises slightly before opening windows.

How do pregnant women blow air conditioners and catch cold?

If the pregnant woman improper use of air conditioning causes a cold, generally a hot cold, performance for sneezing, tears, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, a little headache. Pregnant women blowing air conditioning cold how to do well? Come together to understand it.

1. Pregnant women should eat more food rich in vitamin C after a cold, supplement a lot of water to expel the virus from the body, plus adequate sleep, is a good way to deal with the cold. Eat more minerals, vitamins, high-quality protein content food, enjoy adequate sleep, etc., can enhance resistance. Therefore, adequate nutrition and sleep is a shortcut to cure the common cold.

2, if the fever is less than 37.4 degrees, you can get rid of the cold by taking a bath. If a fever exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius and you are extremely uncomfortable, you must be careful to prevent complications such as pneumonia. It is better not to take a bath. You should seek medical advice in time and do not take medicine at will. During the recovery period, adequate and quiet sleep should be ensured.

How does a pregnant woman stay away from summer?

If pregnant mothers are afraid to blow the air conditioner because they are worried, they can choose other ways to cool down in the summer to make themselves feel comfortable.

1, electric fan. The blower fan is beneficial to air convection and avoids the bad influence of being in the closed room for a long time because of blowing air conditioner. However, when pregnant mother blows electric fans, we should pay attention to avoid fans blowing against them and not for long time.

2, swimming. Swimming is a more suitable exercise for pregnant mothers, not only to ease the physical discomfort caused by sedentary, but also to keep themselves cool. However, attention should be paid to swimming in less crowded and clean swimming pools to prevent accidents due to clutter.