Gymnastics during pregnancy

Gymnastic purpose during pregnancy

The key points of Gymnastics during pregnancy

Movement of the wrist

The fetus is gaining weight, and in order to walk easily, pregnant women need to make their wrist joints flexible and powerful. In addition, this exercise can also help eliminate the swelling of the feet at the later stage of pregnancy.

1, supine position.

2, swaying around 10 times.

3, turn left and right wrist 10 times.

4, move your ankle before and after, extend and contract the Achilles tendon 10 times.

Foot movement

1. Put one leg on the other leg, then put it down and repeat 10 times. Increase the height one time, then change the other leg, repeat 10 times.

2. Cross your legs to the inside, tighten the anus, elevate the vagina, and then relax. After repeating 10 times, put the following leg on the upper leg and repeat it 10 times.

Abdominal muscle movement

Exercise supports the abdominal muscles of the uterus.

1, single leg flexion, stretching, bending, stretching, about 10 times.

2, bend your knees, lift your legs up and down, lift them up, put them down, and do them 10 times.

Pelvic movement

Relax the joints and muscles of the pelvis, making them flexible and conducive to spontaneous labor.

1, one knee bent, knees slowly left to the outside, about 10 times.

2, bend your knees, swing left and right to the bed, slowly relax, around 10 times.

Cross leg movement

Relax the symphysis pubis and the femoral joint and extend the pelvic floor muscles. The fetus can pass the birth canal smoothly.

1, sit upright, your feet together, pull your hands to the body, move your knees up and down, like butterfly wings. 10 times.

2. In the same position, inhale and straighten your back, exhale and lean forward slightly. 10 times.

Cat posture

This is the movement of vibratory pelvis, which can relieve lumbago. It can also exercise abdominal muscles and better support the uterus.

1, lie down and separate your hands from your knees.

2, the side inhales the side to arches the back, the head curved to two arms in the middle, until sees the belly button.

3, return to the 1 position on the side of the breath, and raise the body before inhaling.

4. Spread your body after exhaling, until you fall down. 1 – 4 repeat 10 times.

Wax blowing exercise

Exercise abdominal muscles. Postpartum recovery of loose abdominal muscles.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your fingers 30 centimeters away from your mouth. Use your fingers as candles to exhale the candle flame.

Elevator sport

Practice contracting the vaginal muscles.

Move the pelvic floor muscles together with the same points to contract the hips, vaginal muscles, lift the waist as elevators. Lift up five floors from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, hold for 2-3 seconds at the 5th floor, exhale and lower your waist in five floors.

Matters needing attention in Gymnastics during pregnancy

When pregnant gymnastics, please pay attention to the following five points:

1. Don’t force yourself to do exercises at the beginning. The number of exercises you do may depend on your physical condition. You can increase the amount of exercise every day.

2, if you feel tired after finishing gymnastics, you should reduce the amount of exercise. The feeling of moderate exercise is: the body is slightly fevers and slightly sleepy.

3. When the abdomen is distended or sick, you can reduce the types, times and intensity of gymnastics.

4. Don’t do exercises in the morning. After bathing, you can do it.

5, cat posture and lift gymnastics will reverse the fetus in the abdomen, so don’t do 8~9 months of pregnancy.