Early pregnancy

What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?

1. what are the symptoms of early pregnancy? Click to view details

The main symptoms of early pregnancy are menstrual arrest, sensory abnormalities, breast changes, fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, dizziness, gluttony or anorexia, sensitivity to odor, stomach pain or constipation, emotional and irritable, changes in basal body temperature, low back pain, implantation bleeding, obesity and weight gain, skin color change Vaginal mucosa discoloration and so on.

2. how often will you have an early pregnancy reaction? “Click to see details.

Symptoms usually appear in the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. Usually lasts until 3 months of pregnancy, but everyone’s situation will be different, the length of early pregnancy reaction and personal hormones related, some people early pregnancy reaction time is relatively long, until 16-18 weeks disappeared, early pregnancy reaction is particularly serious, persistent nausea, vomiting frequently, can not eat, serious can cause body dehydration and replacement This condition can be taken into account in the diagnosis and treatment of the hospital. A few people will not respond to early pregnancy.

What should be noticed in the early stage of pregnancy?

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1, avoid or reduce sexual life in the first 3 months of pregnancy “click to see details.

Because the placenta in early pregnancy and maternal uterine wall connection is not too close, if improper sexual life, may cause uterine contraction caused by the possibility of abortion. Therefore, the first 3 months of pregnancy are prone to abortion, especially those with high risk of miscarriage. In addition, inappropriate sex during early pregnancy can cause vaginal infections, which is another reason some doctors advise you to avoid having sex early in pregnancy.

2, early vaginal bleeding in pregnant women needs immediate medical attention “click to see details.

If vaginal bleeding is found, even in small amounts, it should be treated immediately in a hospital, even if the bleeding seems to have stopped. Although a small amount of vaginal bleeding may not be a major event, it may also be a sign of some serious problems. Therefore, immediate medical examination is needed to ensure that pregnant women and fetuses are not in trouble and to rule out the possibility of complications.

3. What should we do to get pregnant women with early sleep discomfort? “Click to see details.

Nausea, heartburn and frequent urination have become commonplace in pregnancy, but more pregnant women may find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Sudden sleepiness, uncomfortable sleeping posture and frequent urination are the most common sleep problems in early pregnancy.

What is the stomach ache at the beginning of pregnancy?

What is the stomach ache at the beginning of pregnancy? Click to view details

Abdominal pain in early pregnancy is a common physical reaction of pregnant mothers in early pregnancy. Generally speaking, the physical abdominal pain caused by pregnancy reaction does not require treatment or other special treatment. Others are pathological. They need to be vigilant and handle in a timely manner.

1 causes of stomach pain in early pregnancy: uterine enlargement and bone stimulation “click to see details.

When you are pregnant, you will feel that your stomach is growing up day by day, and then your skin will have a tight feeling. If you love sports, then after hiking or playing table tennis, you will feel abdominal traction pain, similar to the usual stomach pain. Some mothers-to-be constantly stimulate the lower edge of the ribs due to uterine enlargement, which can cause blunt pain in the ribs or pain due to the relaxation and separation of the pubic symphysis, and even lead to limited movement.

Causes of stomach pain in early pregnancy 2: ectopic pregnancy and other pathological reasons “click to see details.

Early pregnancy stomach pain is more obvious and intolerable, pregnant mothers should do blood HCG test to exclude ectopic pregnancy, and then do a comprehensive physical examination to exclude other uterine adnexal diseases.

Can you be in the same room during pregnancy?

Can you be in the same room during pregnancy? Can you have the same room at the early stage of pregnancy? Click to view details

Can you be in the same room during pregnancy? If everything is normal during pregnancy, the whole pregnancy can be performed until the amniotic fluid ruptures. Some pregnancy books and doctors may warn you that sharing a room during the first and last three months of pregnancy is not safe, but the latest medical evidence shows that you and your spouse don’t have to stop sharing a room during pregnancy as long as you’re in good health during pregnancy.

You probably haven’t heard of it. The expectant mother has affected the health of her fetus because of her early pregnancy. However, some doctors may also advise you to avoid or reduce the same sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Because this is an easy period of miscarriage, especially for pregnant women with high risk of miscarriage. Doctors may be concerned that the placenta and your uterine wall are not too tightly connected in early pregnancy, if the sexual life is not appropriate, may cause uterine contraction caused by the possibility of abortion.

Will the same room hurt the fetus during pregnancy? Click to see details.

As long as your pregnancy is normal, you don’t need to worry too much about your pregnancy. In fact, even if you’re in the same room during pregnancy with a male partner in the upper position of sex, will not hurt your baby in the abdomen. A thick mucus plug at the cervix can help prevent infection. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus will also protect the little ones in your stomach. Although the baby may move around after an orgasm during pregnancy, it’s because your heart is beating violently, not because the baby knows what you’re doing or because he’s feeling pain.

What is the best position for pregnant women at the beginning of pregnancy?

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers are not very aware of the correct sleeping position of pregnant women, so it is easy to cause insomnia during pregnancy, heavy sleepiness. What is the correct sleeping position of pregnant women? Click to see the knowledge of pregnant women sleeping posture.

In early pregnancy, the fetus is still in the maternal pelvic cavity in the uterus development, external pressure or self-oppression will not be very heavy, so pregnant women can sleep freely, mainly to take a comfortable position, such as supine position, lateral sleeping position can be.

But if you’re sleeping on your stomach or hugging something, you should get rid of it early.

Lying on the left is the best sleeping position for pregnant women. Click to view details

Pregnant women sleep on their backs, may also oppress the inferior vena cava behind the uterus, so that the return of blood to the heart is reduced, affecting the cerebral blood and oxygen supply is insufficient, pregnant women will appear dizzy, chest tightness, pale face, nausea and vomiting.

How soon can you get pregnant?

1. How long can you test the pregnancy test paper?

Early pregnancy test paper is used to test whether pregnancy test paper. Early pregnancy test paper can usually be tested on the 7-14 day after the same room. Although the early pregnancy test paper claims to have 99% accuracy, in fact the correct test rate of early pregnancy test paper varies greatly from 50% to 75%.

2, how long can a blood test be measured?

Pregnancy can be detected about 10 days after unprotected sex. Blood HCG is not only sensitive, but also because it is quantifiable data, it can accurately determine whether pregnant or not. Blood HCG diagnosis of early pregnancy: generally normal people beta-HCG radioimmunoassay value is less than 3.1, if more than 5 can consider the possibility of pregnancy, if more than 10 basic can determine pregnancy.

3. How long is pregnant B ultrasound can be detected?

From the last menstruation to calculate, 40 days can be used to see whether pregnant with B ultrasound, that is, the menstruation does not come, and then pushed back 10 days. The earliest in the fifth week of pregnancy, that is, a week after menstruation, in the B-ultrasonic screen can be shown on the uterus has a circular ring, also known as the pregnancy ring, the dark area of the ring is amniotic fluid, which can also see rhythmic fetal heart beats.