After a woman gives birth to a child, the most important thing is the puerperium, and this month for women, can be said to be the most special month of life. Just after the production, both physical and psychological recovery will take time. On the one hand to adapt to the arrival of new members, take care of baby; on the other hand, his body has not recovered, but also need to take good care of health. But this critical period, many new mothers are easy to lose their chains, they have no idea, completely according to the requirements of the older generation to do, so the custom of bad mothers often lie down guns! I would like to remind new mammy that the five key points in the scientific puerperium are in mind.

Four big bad month custom, did you lie down?

Custom 1: “egg moon”

You can often see that after giving birth, the mother will “drown” in the pile of eggs. In the past, eggs are nutritious and the more they eat, the better.

Scientific method: eating eggs should be enough. Although eggs are rich in nutrients, eating too much protein increases the burden on the kidneys, and the excess is also converted into fat stored in the body, and will affect the absorption of other nutrients. The correct way is to eat two to three eggs a day, while paying attention to balanced nutrition, eat more crude fiber food.

Custom two: “light moon”

Many mothers live a “tasteless” life in the first few days after childbirth, because the old practice is that salt in the meal will affect the next milk, so can only eat “white food”.

_Scientific method: Drinking water, eating rice, a few days will be a person’s general fatigue, which is called hyponatremia syndrome in medicine, maternal childbirth offspring thankful, fatigue sweating, the same will happen. The right thing to do is to eat normally, and there is no need to deliberately salt free.

Custom three: “cover the moon”

Traditionally, all puerperas are afraid of the wind, whether in winter or summer, have to close the doors and windows of the house, can not leave a gap, and the puerpera also have long pants, wear a hat, armed.

Scientific method: in summer, there is no need for such puerperium. The doors and windows of the house are tightly closed and the air is not circulated. If the weather is stuffy, it is easy for the parturient to get heatstroke. Even in winter, it is necessary to exchange air in the house.

We should properly open the window ventilation, but should avoid the wind, after all, just after the birth of children, low resistance, easy to catch a cold. If the summer air conditioning, can not directly blow to the puerpera, can open the air conditioning room next door to the puerpera, let the air conditioning “float” over. Puerperal sweat should wear clothes frequently and wear comfortable and comfortable.

Custom four: “lazy confinement”

Many old people believe that the postpartum physical weakness, need to be well maintained, the best month to get out of bed less activity, and even meals have to be brought to bed to eat.

Scientific method: this does more harm than good. Getting out of bed early after delivery is not only conducive to lower limb blood circulation, lochia timely discharge, but also to exercise the abdominal muscles. Women who give birth naturally can go down and walk slightly that day; if they give birth by caesarean section, they can go down one or two days after the operation, but avoid sitting up violently.

It lists four major traditional puerperium customs and explains them from a scientific point of view. We can see that some customs are wrong, and some other customs are not suitable for the current state of life, the moon should be appropriate activities, pay attention to balanced nutrition, do a good job of self-cleaning, all based on science is most conducive to maternal and child health.

Five key points of scientific puerperium

1, during the month of childbirth must be appropriate activities.

Although puerperium should be mainly recuperation, proper activities are also essential.

2, during the puerperium, it is better to lie down to breast feed, which is conducive to the recovery of the uterus.

In the early stages of puerperium, lying down to breast-feed is the best choice because it is most conducive to the recovery of the uterus.

3. The best use of sanitary napkins is cotton noodles.

Because postpartum lochia more, sanitary towels should also pay attention to frequent replacement, otherwise bacteria will breed, affecting reproductive health, once infected, that is not fun.

4, attention should be paid to the timely replacement of suitable underwear.

Change underwear in time during the month is directly related to breast health, and breast health is directly related to the baby’s feeding situation, so this is very important.

5, during pregnancy, especially during the puerperium, pay attention to brushing your teeth sooner or later (with warm water).

As the saying goes, “give birth to a baby to lose a tooth,” pregnancy and childbirth is a high incidence of dental diseases, the old tradition about the moon can not brush teeth during the saying, but do not be credulous, or wait for the moon to sit, the teeth will be bad, filling really painful!

Puerperium is a big test for new mothers. During this busy month, many things are difficult for new mothers. New mommy should bear in mind these 5 points, scientific puerperium, healthy puerperium.


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