“Conceived in October, childbirth” can not be completely relaxed after childbirth. The new mother does not think that unloading everything on the good luck, postpartum if not careful, there may be accidents or hidden dangers. Especially after the first day of the baby, even if the new mother tired, but also to observe postpartum hemorrhage, escort their lives. Then breastfeed your baby as soon as possible, as soon as possible. There are other things that need to be done by new mommy. With these things done, the new mother’s body can recover faster and she can have better physical strength and energy to take care of her baby.

First thing: observe the amount of postpartum hemorrhage.

Postpartum hemorrhage is the first day of maternal most need to pay attention to the issue, therefore, no matter again tired, again weak, but also pay attention to observe their own amount of bleeding.

Normally, expectant mothers will still shed a lot of blood about an hour after delivery, which is the uterine undrained residual blood, mucus and other tissues. Of course, the amount of bleeding will gradually decrease, and the color will gradually change from dark red to pink, and eventually brown. The duration of postpartum hemorrhage will last for about 40 days.

New mothers are most prone to postpartum hemorrhage within two hours of delivery, so postpartum observation is still needed in the delivery room. After two hours of observation in the delivery room, the new mother went back to the ward, and she had to continue to observe it. Once there is more bleeding in the vagina, inform the doctor as soon as possible, find out the cause and deal with it in time. In addition, new mothers can prepare some disposable shorts and maternal sanitary napkins, regular replacement every day, keep clean.

The second thing: breastfeed your baby as soon as possible.

Breast-feeding as soon as possible can stimulate the new mother’s brain to send signals to increase milk secretion, form a nerve reflex, increase milk secretion, so that the new mother does not have to worry about the problem of insufficient milk.

The new mother’s colostrum contains a lot of antibodies, so as to protect the baby from bacteria, so should try to feed the baby colostrum, reduce the incidence of neonatal diseases. This is also all milk powder can not be replaced. This is also conducive to the new mother’s own uterine contraction.

The time of breastfeeding is 5~10 minutes. The time and frequency of lactation are related to the needs of infants and the condition of mothers’ feeling of breast distention. The mother who is just delivered is weak and has pain in her wound. She can choose a lateral decubitus for breast feeding. Every time after breastfeeding, the baby should be taken up with a few pat to prevent breast milk.

Third things: take time off.

When it comes to having children, movies or television always have scenes like this: a sweaty, wet face; one hysterical cry after another… It’s not easy to have a baby. New mothers not only suffer physically, but also mentally.

The entire delivery process, almost exhausted the new mother’s physical strength, so the first day is the most important rest to ensure physical recovery. Of course, there are some very good new mothers, after the birth of the first thing is to send a circle of friends, call relatives and friends to congratulate.

Now many are mother and baby in the same room, the baby and mother together, about every 3-4 hours to breast-feed, and to change the baby’s diaper, especially the baby crying, the mother has no time to sleep, so the mother should strive for time to rest, even if it is closed-eyed sanatorium or take a nap.

The fourth thing: eat quickly and replenish energy.

For many new mothers, there will be no appetite after childbirth. But in fact, this time, the new mother’s weak body is in urgent need of nourishment. If a new mother doesn’t want to eat anything, she should drink some water, otherwise it may cause postpartum dehydration.

Postpartum new mothers are relatively weak, if possible, try to supplement some nutritious foods. Eat some light drinks, but to be nutritious, such as porridge, vegetable soup, tofu soup, etc., but also conducive to the next milk. And eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, not only increase the intake of vitamins, but also to prevent constipation is helpful.

The eating time of caesarean section mothers is generally 6-8 hours after operation, the purpose is to avoid the occurrence of vomiting or aspiration pneumonia during anesthesia, before the recovery of normal physiological reflex.

The fifth thing: as soon as possible, catharsis is more advantageous.

Whether it is spontaneous labor or Caesarean birth, the first time for new mothers to go to the toilet is a difficult process.

Be aware that to avoid complications such as urinary tract infections, you need to urinate within 8 hours of delivery, defecation is generally in the days after delivery. New mom can choose to squat urination, so that urine will not pass through the wound site; if not urinate, can open the tap, or let warm water gently flow through the urethral orifice, to help relax, stimulate urination; after urination, the use of warm water cleaning urethral orifice.

Natural childbirth mothers should drink plenty of water and urinate within 4 hours after childbirth. Because in the production process, fetal head drop will oppress the bladder, urethra, help to restore bladder function, hold urine for too long, bladder overfilling will affect uterine contraction, resulting in postpartum hemorrhage. Few parturients have difficulty urinating and urinary retention, which may be related to long-term pressure on the bladder and perineal pain reflex. The parturients should be encouraged to get up and urinate as much as possible. If you still can not urinate, catheterization should be performed.

The sixth thing: pay attention to cleanliness and avoid infection.

The old custom that a new mother can’t take a bath for a month after giving birth seems unscientific. New mammy postpartum body deficiency, but also need to ensure that the body is clean, to prevent infection.

Just after delivery, special attention should be paid to the perineal care, urine and urine after the application of warm boiled water rinse. Postpartum mothers are more prone to sweat, especially in sleep and wake up when sweating more severe, and sometimes soak underwear, these are normal physiological phenomena, mothers do not have to worry, will improve themselves in a few days. Maternal should change underwear and bed linen frequently, the room should be ventilated, so that fresh air can enter the room, otherwise dirty indoor air is easy to increase the risk of maternal respiratory tract infection.

New mothers wear comfortable clothes, warm and cold suitable, do not excessively “cover”, so that sweat can not evaporate, affecting internal heat dissipation. Pay attention to personal hygiene, brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your hair and feet as usual, wash your hands before and after meals, and wash your hands before feeding.

These six things are not difficult to say, easy to say is not easy, but whether it is difficult or easy for you, should do a good job. Because these 6 things are good for you, all for your health. I hope that the body of the new mothers will be restored as soon as possible.


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