With the post-80s and post-90s entering the peak of childbearing, in recent years, the maternal and infant health care industry represented by the yuezi center has developed rapidly, and more and more young people choose the puerperal period in the yuezi center. However, driven by the interests, many agencies have not done well in professionalism, security and service. Therefore, novice parents should be alert to the following pitfalls when choosing a baby center. They should carefully choose a baby center that can provide high-quality nursing services for mothers and newborn babies.

1. Insufficient qualification of Yuezi Center

Yuezi center must be optimistic about the qualification of yuezi club, because some yuezi clubs are not formal, just to make money. First of all, it depends on the business license of yuezi club and whether the business scope includes maternal and infant care services. No matter how the organization without business license can promote its own service, it should not be believed.

2. Staff lack of professional knowledge

The staff of the center may not have the professional knowledge to care for the puerpera and the newborn, so don’t spend money and don’t enjoy the proper treatment. On the Internet, there are also many negative news about the care of the newborn by the staff of the center. Therefore, the training certificate of relevant personnel should be verified when selecting, and the training certificate and work content should be closely related.

3. The living environment of yuezi house is unsatisfactory

The parturient needs a quiet rest environment, the room is not necessarily large, but it should be quiet, comfortable, clean, sunny, fresh air, and avoid the convection wind. Some of the moon centers are located in downtown areas, which seems convenient, but in fact, the noise affects the rest of mothers and babies, and the air quality is poor.

4. The maternal diet is not healthy and nutritious

Postpartum diet, we should pay attention to nutrition matching, especially to energy control, but also to meet the baby’s adequate nutrition of breast milk, but also to help mothers control postpartum weight. Some of the monthly meals in the monthly center are private meals, which are not matched with nutrition according to the individual eating habits and taboos of the pregnant women. Moreover, there are frequent problems in health management, such as unclean food and foreign matters. We must choose a month club with complete sanitation qualification and professional nutritionist and chef team.

5. Beware of invisible consumption

Most of the production and health packages in yuezi center are only experiential, either with fewer times or with longer duration. The charges are usually much more expensive than those outside. Be sure to polish your eyes and choose whether to buy or not.

Scientific puerperal period must be the integration of medical care. A professional monthly center must have a professional maternal and child medical team and corresponding hardware equipment, as well as medical level health management level. This is the guarantee of maternal and newborn health, and also the most direct standard to distinguish the merits and demerits of the monthly center.


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