Cesarean section, also known as cesarean section, is an operation to remove the fetus through abdominal incision of the uterus. Many mothers have to choose caesarean section because of abnormal fetal position, too large fetus, or the physical inappropriateness of the expectant mother for natural childbirth.

For expectant mothers, one of the great benefits of cesarean section is that they do not have to endure severe labor pain, but the pain after operation is inevitable. In the case of choosing natural birth, it is more recommended that expectant mothers choose natural birth. Caesarean section, after all, is an operation that does more harm to the mother’s body than a spontaneous birth. Among them, the uterus is the cesarean section mothers need to pay special attention to the recovery of postpartum parts.

1. Pay attention to dietary nutrition

Supplementary nutrition is the key to uterine recovery. Reasonable diet not only promotes milk secretion, but also benefits the recovery of uterine elasticity. Caesarean section mothers can properly eat more protein-rich foods such as fish, eggs, bean products, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, which not only supplements phytoestrogen, reduces the risk of endometrial cancer, but also strengthens the body’s resistance to disease, and promotes the early recovery of damaged organs.

2. Pay attention to tonifying blood

Caesarean section produces much more blood than spontaneous delivery, so we should pay more attention to the problem of blood supplement after caesarean section. Dietary supplement is an important way to nourish blood. But if the mother’s postpartum anemia is more serious, can drink under the guidance of the doctor blood tonic iron, diet with drugs blood tonic, more conducive to postpartum blood tonic.

3. Do Health Care Movements

Mothers who have caesarean section can walk on the ground and do some uterine hygiene exercises according to their own conditions. If the uterus retroversion, will cause lumbosacral pain, or even uterine prolapse, you can take prone position to change the state of uterine retroversion; after that, you can also take chest and knee position, can make the uterus effective contraction and recovery, to improve the state of uterine retroversion better. Of course, you can swim properly, speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism. It is recommended that you swim 2 hours a week.

4. Keep warm

Mothers should pay attention to keeping warm after childbirth, especially during the month, and of course not to overheat. Drink warm water, do not eat raw and cold food, while wearing more long-sleeved clothes, if it is winter, more attention should be paid to wearing winter clothes, socks, etc., all ready. Mothers can also put their hands around the navel, do clockwise circular massage, which is not only for the uterus massage, massage heat while promoting uterine contraction.

5. Pay attention to regular gynecological examination

Regular gynecological examination is the best way to master their own physical condition, you can go to regular hospitals every six months or one year for gynecological examination, especially to check the signs of genital parts, to the hospital do not feel shy to avoid, truthfully inform the doctor of your physical symptoms, timely detection and elimination of diseases.


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