For the sake of the baby and the mother, we should take the baby and leave the baby for a few days. The birth center, which often takes tens of thousands of days, puts the newborn baby alone in a small room, so that the puerpera can rest in the quiet bedroom. If you want to see the baby, you can see from the monitoring, which completely deprives the mother of the opportunity to hold the baby.

What can be tolerated! Don’t say I’m sentimental. A baby who has been in her mother’s stomach for ten months needs her mother’s arms. Even if she can’t hold her just after birth, she can lie beside her mother, smell her mother’s breath and listen to her voice. I think this is the biggest inhumanity. Next, a good interpretation of why a child is just born needs to stay with his mother often.

Feed as much as you can in the month

Don’t listen to those rumors, saying that there is no milk, the time of breast-feeding may be long or short, but in the first six months, especially in the first three months of the newborn, the mother’s breast milk is enough, the premise is to open the milk in advance, correctly breast-feeding, and firmly breast-feeding, try not to add milk powder during the month, let the baby harvest the precious colostrum, body Double stick.

Let the baby lie beside the mother

If you can’t hold it, let the baby lie beside the mother. Postpartum mothers stay with their newborn babies all the time to produce more beneficial probiotics for the newborn. If the newborn is often held by an elder or a sister-in-law, the child may be exposed to bacteria from another stranger. The longer the time, the more bad bacteria accumulated in the body, the higher the risk of disease. Therefore, the birth of these days, the mother must be their own baby. As for other people, no matter mother-in-law, grandmother, sister-in-law can not.

Let people hold less children in the month

In fact, the baby in the month sleeps 14-16 hours a day. In addition to breast feeding and burping, it is not necessary to hold it when awake. Try to let elders in the period of confinement, do not hold the baby for a long time. It’s more about lying next to your mother and feeling the intimacy of the parent-child relationship.

In addition to the above three points, I also have a selfish intention. Just imagine that from the moment the child is born, you let others do everything for you, which means that you have given the child’s initial custody and breastfeeding rights to other people. When one day you find that only Granny can stop the crying of the child, and the child is closer to the grandmother, it is really extremely lost and heartbreaking.


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