Pregnant women always sweat a lot after childbirth. According to their own experience, many people think that it’s because pregnant mothers are weak and sweating after giving birth. In fact, postpartum sweating is not a sign of weakness. What is the cause of the maternal sweating?

I. what are the causes of postpartum sweating

1. Excess water stored during pregnancy

During pregnancy, in order to meet the growth and development of the fetus, the blood volume of pregnant women increased, a large amount of water and sodium salt remained. When the fetus comes out of the mother, the mother doesn’t need so much circulating blood volume. So the excess water in the blood volume will be discharged through the skin within 2-3 weeks after delivery.

2. Wrong puerperal habits

Affected by the traditional old concept, the puerpera can not see the wind during the puerperal period, the whole body is dressed up and down tightly, airtight, and even can’t take a bath and wash her hair. If she is not careful, she will cover her sweat, even prickly heat. In fact, during the month, you can take a bath and wash your hair, as long as you dry it quickly and don’t get cold.

3. Drink too much soup

Postpartum, most mothers will drink a lot of soup, such as brown sugar water, crucian carp soup, hot porridge, etc., the body water more, naturally need to sweat.

How to regulate postpartum sweating

1. Postpartum nutrition should not be excessive, and a balanced diet should be adopted

The digestive system of parturient women is still weak, and diarrhea symptoms are easy to appear if they are fed too much. Moreover, too much high calorie soup will make the breast overfilled, causing swelling and mastitis; too much greasy food is not conducive to the contraction of the uterus and the discharge of lochia. Postpartum should be added to some high calorie digestible food, but more balanced diet.

2. Pay attention to recuperation after childbirth

Postpartum sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is the performance of the recovery of human organs and tissues. Lying in women can be properly conditioned according to their own conditions, which not only allows the excess water in the body to be discharged, but also allows the body to recover quickly. Parturient should pay attention to rest, supplement sleep and exercise properly. When sweating too much, pay attention to frequently wipe and change underwear to keep indoor air circulation.

3. Proper cover

It is suggested to choose some cotton moon clothes and shoes with good perspiration and air permeability, and the thickness should be selected according to the seasonal changes. In addition, in the puerperal period of spring, summer and autumn, there is no need to cover too thick quilt, nor to stay in the room with closed doors and windows all day, so as not to cover the sick, as long as you feel comfortable.

4. Clean in time and pay attention to sanitation

Many puerperas are still affected by the traditional puerperal customs, such as closing the windows, covering the quilt, even not washing their hair or taking a bath. Do not pay attention to personal hygiene for a long time, coupled with postpartum sweating, not only the smell is bad, but also bacterial reproduction affects health, caesarean section of the maternal even cause wound infection.


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