Oct. of conception, one day of childbirth. But don’t think you can relax completely after giving birth. On the first day of giving birth, you have to bite your teeth and do something quickly. Only in this way can the next month or even the whole breast-feeding period, the new mother will be more relaxed.

The moment she came out of the delivery room, the new mother had already started the moonlight mode. So what should new mothers pay attention to on the first day after birth?

1. Have a good rest

Delivery almost exhausted the mother’s physical strength, so rest is the most important thing after delivery. Only when the new mother has a good rest can she recover. The new mother might as well wait for a good rest to do these things, such as micro-blogging, friends circle and news of happiness, or let her husband do them for her.

2. Feeding in time

Breastfeeding the baby as soon as possible is not only conducive to the contraction of the uterus of the new mother itself, speeding up postpartum recovery, but also can provide the baby with adequate nutrition and immunity.

The mother’s colostrum contains the antibodies needed by the baby to protect the baby from bacteria. Early feeding can also make the new mother’s brain signal to increase milk secretion, form nerve reflex, and make later breastfeeding more smoothly.

3. Exhaust and urinate as soon as possible

The first toilet use after delivery is a difficult process that a new mother has to go through. Although it’s difficult, the new mother still needs to do it well as soon as possible.

Cesarean section mothers should exhaust as soon as possible after delivery, so they can eat some exhaust soup after delivery, in order to enhance intestinal peristalsis, promote exhaust, reduce bloating. In addition, urinate as early as possible after delivery to avoid overfilling of the bladder. Otherwise, it is not conducive to uterine contraction, leading to postpartum hemorrhage.

4. Attention to hygiene

With sweating during childbirth and perspiration from postpartum weakness, it is necessary for a new mother to prepare comfortable and breathable clothes in advance. Clothes should be changed frequently and sweat should be wiped out in time.

After giving birth to a child, there will be constant discharge of lochia. In addition, the wound has not yet recovered, not paying attention to hygiene, may lead to wound infection.

When a new mother is able to get out of bed and move after her physical recovery, she still needs to persist in washing her face and brushing her teeth, especially when brushing her teeth and mouthwash are very important. In addition, it is also important to wash your hands before each feeding.

5. Exercise

After resting, the new mother can try to walk slowly out of bed. Getting out of bed as soon as possible is conducive to enhancing the contraction of abdominal muscles, promoting uterine recovery, lochia discharge, and increasing appetite. If you can’t get out of bed, you can also do simple activities in bed and stretch your arms.


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