Many women have to choose caesarean section because they are afraid of the pain or not meeting the objective conditions. However, the scar left by caesarean section has greatly hurt the mother’s heart. Because of this ugly scar, the beauty loving mothers have no courage to wear sexy bikini when they swim in summer. What can moms do to prevent such a tragedy? How to deal with cesarean scar?

▍ understanding of caesarean scar

The essence of scar is a kind of abnormal and unsound tissue which does not have normal skin tissue structure and physiological function and loses normal tissue vitality.

Generally speaking, if the human body’s wound is in the epidermis, it belongs to the regeneration mechanism, and the epidermis will grow the same tissue cells as the original, so it will not leave scars. However, the wound of caesarean section goes deep into the dermis, and the healing mechanism belongs to the repair system. The human body will produce scar tissue, which will connect the wound and leave scars after healing.

Caesarean scar is the mark left on the wound after caesarean section. It is usually white or gray white, smooth and hard. About 2-3 weeks after scar formation, the scar began to proliferate, redness, purplish and hardening appeared locally, and protruded the skin surface. It lasts for about 3-6 months. The hyperplasia of fibrous tissue stops gradually. The scar becomes flat and soft gradually. The color becomes dark brown. At this time, the scar of caesarean section will itch.

▍ prevention is better than treatment for caesarean scar

In order to remove the scar of caesarean section, many mothers pay a lot of money to buy all kinds of scar removing cream, but it fails to achieve the expected effect. In fact, to deal with cesarean scar, prevention is better than treatment.

From the early stage of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can start to strengthen the skin elasticity, the earlier the prevention starts, the better. Even during pregnancy preparation, she can start to strengthen the abdominal exercise, increase the abdominal skin elasticity through diet, skin care and other ways, and the effect of postpartum recovery is better.

Generally speaking, the more collagen fiber the skin has, the smaller the scar will be. Vitamin C, protein and other nutrients can make more ossein fiber, make collagen fiber not easy to break, and make skin more elastic. Therefore, during pregnancy, we should supplement more vitamin C and protein, eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible, drink more skimmed milk, eat less sweets, fried food, etc., pay attention to the balance of nutrition, which can help the skin to strengthen its elasticity.

During pregnancy, we should pay attention to the moisturizing of abdominal skin, which can not only prevent pregnancy wrinkles, but also help the scars of cesarean section in the future. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers can use olive oil to smear the abdomen, keep the abdomen moist, and increase skin elasticity.

▍ wound care is the key to deal with caesarean scar

The wound of caesarean section is relatively large, so special care must be taken after delivery. If the wound is well cared, the recovery period can be shortened, and the scar of caesarean section can be minimized as much as possible. So, how to nurse the wound after caesarean section?

1. Check the recovery of abdominal incision every day, disinfect the wound and keep the scar clean to prevent infection;

2. Do not wet or injure the wound. Try not to touch the wound with water one week after delivery, and wipe off the sweat in time;

3. In order to promote wound healing, avoid strenuous activities, do not over extend or side bend the body, and take side lying and micro bending positions when resting;

4. Avoid exposing the wound, especially avoid sunlight, and prevent UV from stimulating the formation of pigmentation;

5. If the wound is not very painful, gently massage the wound for 3-5 minutes every day. Massage can enhance the skin elasticity, but it needs to be persisted;

6. Do not remove the scab and scab prematurely, and avoid using the method of hand scratching or water scalding to stop itching, so as not to aggravate the local stimulation but more itchy, and delay the scar repair;

7. According to their own conditions, some products can be used under the guidance of doctors to promote the recovery of scars;

8. If there is pain, burning, redness and swelling in the wound, and it becomes more and more serious, you must go to the hospital in time.


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