How long can sexual intercourse take place after delivery? I’m afraid Bao Da is more eager to know this question. During the period of Bao Ma’s pregnancy, Bao Da suppressed it for long enough. After the baby was born, Bao Da feared that he would start to act foolishly. I have to remind you here that endurance has lasted for so long, and it’s not too short of time. Please wait until BMW’s body and mind are completely restored, and then do what you want to do! _________

Premature sexual intercourse after delivery can easily lead to a series of problems.

Many new mothers think that when the lochia is clean, it means that the body has recovered and that sexual intercourse can take place. In fact, this understanding is wrong. It’s too urgent for lochia to have sexual intercourse immediately. You know, premature sexual intercourse may lead to a series of problems. Don’t believe it!

After a woman is pregnant, the uterus will gradually grow larger, and after childbirth, it will take some time for the uterus to recover. During uterine repair, secretions from the uterine cavity are excreted through the vagina in the form of lochia, and the vaginal mucosa is still very weak against bacteria because of damage. At this time, if you are eager to have sexual intercourse, it is easy to make the uterus infected.

If it is spontaneous delivery, it usually takes 4 weeks to recover from laceration during childbirth. If sexual intercourse is not cured, it is not conducive to wound healing. When the situation is serious, it may also lead to wound infection and suppuration. In addition, premature sexual intercourse can easily lead to vaginitis, salpingitis, endometritis or irregular menstruation and other diseases.

How long does it take to have sex after delivery?

In fact, whether it is spontaneous delivery or caesarean section, for the sake of the new mother’s body, it is not appropriate to have sexual intercourse too early.

Sexual intercourse between husband and wife is not a simple physiological venting, but also the expression and sublimation of deep love, which requires both parties to devote themselves wholeheartedly and without scruples. The new mother has just given birth and has not yet fully recovered. At this point, the husband needs to give more time, so that the new mother’s body back to its best state.

Women need not only physical recovery, but also psychological recovery. After the birth of a child, there is a small member in the family. Life has changed a lot. The new mother still has to take care of the baby day and night. It is difficult for her to adapt for a while. At this time, her husband also needs to give more time to restore the new mother’s psychology.

The birth of a child can cause great damage to a woman’s vitality. If it’s a cesarean section, she has to get a knife in her stomach, and her new mother’s body will be weaker. After giving birth, the puerperium is 42 days, which is the period of uterine restoration. Generally speaking, 42 days after delivery, mothers and babies have to undergo a comprehensive examination. If all the results of the examination are normal, they can basically have sexual intercourse, but it is recommended that we wait for another two weeks for more insurance. That is to say, it is more appropriate to resume sexual intercourse 2 months after delivery.

But not all new mothers can resume sexual intercourse immediately after 2 months, some of them have very low sexual desire. If the husband asks for sexual intercourse at this time, the new mother may leave a psychological shadow, or even cause sexual apathy. Don’t forget that the time of psychological recovery is not synchronized with the time of physical recovery. It takes physical and psychological recovery to have sexual intercourse. This process takes about three months, but there are also individual differences. If the new mommy has not yet fully recovered, just wait patiently.

What should we pay attention to during the first sexual intercourse after delivery?

New mothers have thin vaginal walls, poor elasticity and few secretions after delivery, and are prone to dry and astringent conditions. At this time, more foreplay is needed to relax the new mother’s body and arouse her sexual desire. In addition, during sexual intercourse, the husband should move softly and slowly so as to avoid harming the vagina of the new mother. Lubricants can also be used to assist when necessary. New mothers have poor disease resistance after delivery. Couples should pay attention to hygiene during sexual intercourse to avoid infection.

It is worth mentioning that contraceptive measures should be taken for postpartum sexual intercourse, even if menstruation has not been restored, it should not be taken lightly, in order to avoid accidental pregnancy and harm to the new mother’s body.


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