Many Baoma have been suffering from constipation since the birth of their children. No matter whether it’s a normal birth or a caesarean section, as long as they exert their strength, they will suffer from stomachache, knife edge pain, and asshole pain It hurts to pee out… It’s more painful if you don’t come out… This kind of pain is really very sour! It’s a tight chrysanthemum.


● why is postpartum constipation easy?

● what is the harm of postpartum constipation?

● how to effectively prevent and treat postpartum constipation?

1、 Why is postpartum easy constipation?

● weak gastrointestinal function

In puerperium, gastrointestinal function is weakened, intestinal peristalsis is slow, and intestinal contents stay in the intestine for a long time, which makes water absorption cause dry stool and constipation.

● insufficient fiber intake

During the period of confinement, many postpartum mothers will be required to eat more meat, eggs, milk and other protein rich foods, which are called “toning the body” and “laying down milk”. The unreasonable diet structure leads to less intake of cellulose rich foods such as vegetables and coarse grains, which is even worse for defecation.

● too little exercise

Don’t move during pregnancy and don’t let it move after childbirth – the custom of the older generation is to have less activities and get out of bed, eat and sleep all day, and have too little activities, which further reduces the chance of intestinal peristalsis and aggravates constipation.

2、 The harm of postpartum constipation?

Many people think that constipation is just a common thing. It will be better in a few days. But if you don’t pay enough attention, it will be very painful for your mother after childbirth.

● not conducive to postpartum recovery

Constipation can make the force excessive when going to the toilet, and the pelvic floor muscle of postpartum is flabby, this easy to cause pelvic organ prolapse, even perineum drop. It may also cause incontinence and other consequences.

● loss of appetite and immunity

Constipation will slow down the evacuation of the intestine, and the mother will feel full and hungry. In the long run, it will affect the absorption of nutrients, leading to the decline of immunity.

● anal fissure and hemorrhoids

Continuous constipation, easy to form different degrees of hemorrhoids and even anal fissure, which is an awkward thing for daily life. A lot of Baoma, who doesn’t care much about constipation, eventually developed hemorrhoids

3、 How to prevent and treat postpartum constipation?

First of all, read a small misunderstanding. Many treasure mother said, why did I drink a lot of water or constipation? Drink a lot of honey water also impassable?

This is because no matter drinking white water or honey water, it can not increase the intake of cellulose, not the way to cure the root cause.

Second, talk about how to treat it. Postpartum defecation is difficult, accompanied by bleeding and obvious pain, so patients need to go to the general surgery for treatment; serious patients need oral and external drugs to help defecate, including dietary fiber, probiotics, dumico, bexeptan and Kaiselu, which have little impact on milk feeding, and can be taken / used under the guidance of medical students; individual patients need surgical treatment due to hemorrhoid thrombosis; no matter how What kind of medicine to use, drink more water, eat food rich in fiber, appropriate activities are the basis of prevention and treatment of constipation.

Again, about diet relief and prevention.

Half white rice for coarse grain

When cooking porridge with stewed rice, change half of the white rice into coarse grains such as brown rice, black rice and purple rice to make miscellaneous grains and porridge; or change half of the main food into coarse grains for each meal, such as cooked purple potato, sweet potato, corn, yam, etc.

Peanuts and beans are also coarse grains, but they are prone to flatulence, so grains and potatoes are more recommended. Drink more water when you eat coarse food. Coarse food needs sufficient water to ensure the normal digestion of the gastrointestinal tract.

● vegetables and fruits

Don’t say “moon can’t eat fruit” foolishly. Vegetables and fruits must be eaten.

Choose high fiber vegetables: bamboo shoots, asparagus, cabbage, mustard, amaranth, celery leaves, etc. Dark green leafy vegetables are very high in fiber.

Choose fruits with small seeds: kiwifruit, dragon fruit, strawberry, mulberry and FIG.

The small seeds in these fruits are very conducive to intestinal peristalsis and can accelerate the smooth passage of Baba.

To be honest, I really don’t understand the pain of constipation without constipation. So, experienced Baoma, welcome to leave a message and tell the masses of working people that you think there are effective ways to relieve postpartum constipation.


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