The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a perpetual problem. Even now, it is still inevitable, especially after the daughter-in-law has given birth to a child. And when I got to know my sisters around me, I found an interesting phenomenon that the discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law almost started in the month.

Is that correct? Let’s see what netizens say first.

@ Guan Guanyu: Before giving birth to a child, he didn’t live with his mother-in-law very much. Every time I see her. My mother-in-law is full of smiles and feels good. Pregnancy is all kinds of care, but after the birth of the child, the mother-in-law to help take care of the child, inevitably there will be some friction, the elderly frugality understandable, but also can not care about the children’s diapers, who do not need diapers now.

@ Old Uncle K: Nothing happened before the baby was born, mainly in the month. Although I am a novice mother, somehow I also read a lot of parenting knowledge, the month must give the child urine, said several times is useless, often secretly behind my back. He did not listen to reason and said that his son grew up like this. Stubborn.

@ Thin wood: I don’t want to say that in the month, I was asked to eat and drink from day to day; when the baby cried, it felt that the baby was hungry and kept asking me to breast-feed. I’m not a cow. What’s more embarrassing is that every time I stare at my breast-feeding, it’s hard to say a word.

Although a few netizens said that there were reasonable mothers-in-law at home, they would even study parenting together. But most families, as netizens say, are constantly in small contradictions. In the final analysis, there is a conflict between old and new parenting concepts.

Someone wants to ask if it is better for a mother to bring or invite a sister-in-law herself, since it is caused by parenting conflicts. If so, who doesn’t want it? The problem is that most families are neither able to escape the fate of earning money from work nor have the ability to invite their wives. Whatever the reason, it is the choice of most families to ask their mother-in-law to help them with their children.

It is better to communicate beforehand before delivery than to cry and fight for perfection during the month.

1. Conscious communication to guide parenting knowledge

During pregnancy, mother-in-law usually has the most harmonious relationship with daughter-in-law. If mothers consciously share parenting knowledge with their mothers-in-law at this time, or sign up for relevant knowledge classes, they can also take their mothers-in-law with them. Mainly in order to let mother-in-law into which to understand the scientific concept of parenting. It’s a qualitative change from telling her how to do it to knowing how to do it through professionals’stories.

2. Ask your husband to help and persuade you

It is not excluded that some mothers-in-law are really stubborn and stick to the old way of parenting anyway. At this time, pregnant mothers can do husband’s ideological work, please husband consciously or unconsciously to persuade and guide, after all, is the biological son, how many will listen to some.

3. Detailed Rules for Planned Parenting

Before delivery, the corresponding parenting plan should be allocated according to different family responsibilities and individual conditions. Although the plan can not catch up with the change, but more planning, in the childcare of their respective duties, it is not easy to cause contradictions.

[I have something to say]

If a mother happens to need the help of an elderly person to take care of her children, she needs to communicate with her family more when there are conflicts. What people fear most is that they do not communicate with each other, which leads to misunderstanding and estrangement, and even destroys family harmony. Home and everything goes well. If you also have a daughter-in-law who is not compatible, you might as well find a time to sit down with the elderly and have a good chat.


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