“Puerperium” is the key period to help the puerpera to pass through a major turning point in life physiology and psychology smoothly, and it is also a great test for new mothers. Older generations always advise puerperal women not to brush their teeth, or “give birth to a baby, drop a tooth”. They often hear that they can not wash their hair during puerperium, or they will have a headache later. Others say that puerperal women can not get out of bed, so they should lie in bed as far as possible. These old ideas make new moms believe in themselves and always follow suit. Today, I want to tell you that in fact, these ideas of the older generation are out, scientific puerperium is the right way.

First, get out of bed early.

In traditional puerperium, women are advised to have less activity after childbirth and rest in bed. But now there are different opinions about the scientific puerperium. Professionals believe that women need to recover their uterus and organs as soon as possible after childbirth, and proper exercise helps to recover their organs. After the production of a woman, the sooner she gets out of bed, the quicker the uterus will recover.

Proper postpartum exercise can help blood circulation, muscle relaxation, uterine contraction and other benefits. New mothers should not stay in bed all the time. They should get out of bed and walk more, so that they can have spirit, body can recover quickly and their appetite will be much better if they move. You can also do postnatal yoga or postnatal exercises, so that your body can recover faster. But be careful not to blow cold or overstrain.

Two, personal hygiene should be done well.

Whether caesarean section or smooth delivery, there will be lochia discharged within a week or two after delivery. New mothers can drink brown sugar water appropriately to help the lochia discharged. Every day, we should pay attention to cleaning the vulva to prevent infection, wear cotton underwear, wash and air in the sun, and use ultraviolet light to sterilize. In addition, puerperium should also be normal brushing teeth, washing face, shampooing, bathing, before and after meals to wash hands, do not touch the wound with your hands, etc.

Three, living environment is better.

Where mothers and babies live, the environment must be up to the standard. If there is serious noise, air pollution, humidity and no ventilation, indoor temperature is too high or too low, it is not suitable for the health of mothers and babies. Mother and child rooms should be spacious, ventilated, indoor no plants and trees, quiet nearby, relatively good air quality, no water pollution, the most important thing is to dry and ventilated, if too humid, bacterial breeding can easily lead to mother and child infection.

In particular, we need to remind you not to keep doors and windows closed during puerperium. Many new mothers are prone to make mistakes because they listen to the ideas of the older generation. You know, the room is not ventilated, which is not conducive to maternal and child health. Therefore, the unscientific old concepts must be abandoned.

Four, attention should be paid to food and drink.

Postpartum new mothers are relatively weak. They need to rest during the month. Their diet must be light and nutritious. They should mix meat with nutrients reasonably. They should take in fruit properly and supplement vitamins and minerals in milk.

Maternal and infant clothes are made of cotton, ventilated and breathable cloth is appropriate, children and mothers are easy to sweat, cotton clothes have sweat absorption function. Early to bed and early to rise, develop a good habit of napping, good sleep can improve human immunity and resistance, contribute to health.

Looking at other people’s puerperium seems to be very simple, when they really puerperium can experience a lot of things to pay attention to. Dietary living will become very different during puerperium. Details that were never cared about before may become very important at this time. New mothers must pay attention to puerperium and sit for a good month.


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