The puerperal period meets the summer, which is the hardest mode in the hard mode. It’s “sweating” when it’s too much said. The biggest taboo for the puerpera is to suffer from the cold in the wind and suffer from the sweat and baking, but they can’t be greedy for the cool. The puerpera who seems to be cared by all kinds of people is actually suffering from the limitations. How to protect yourself and have a cool month? Look at the right way to open it.

1. Reheat should also be covered?

The traditional way of puerperal period is to reheat and cover the puerpera with zongzi, long clothes and trousers, and head cover. It’s strange not to cover the “heatstroke” on such a hot day.

Correct way: increase or decrease clothes according to the change of room temperature. If the air conditioner is not on, the short sleeved clothes and trousers can also be used. If the temperature is low or the air conditioner is on, the long sleeved trousers can be used.

2. Can’t blow fan to turn on air conditioner when reheating?

When it comes to puerperium, the first reaction of the elders at home is that they can’t get cold, so fans and air conditioners can’t be blown. Now this weather, not to mention the fan, even if the air conditioning can not endure.

Correct way: you can turn on the air conditioner by blowing the fan, but you should be careful not to blow directly at the air outlet. The degree of air conditioner should be kept at about 28 ℃. When you open the air conditioner doors and windows, you should also leave some gaps to keep air permeability. You should not stay in the air conditioner room for 24 hours. If you think it’s not good to turn on the air conditioner in the room, you can turn on the air conditioner in the hall, and then open the door to stay in the room. Turn on the air conditioning, the mother remember to wear long clothes and trousers + thin socks and thin cotton mop.

3. Can’t you wash your hair and take a bath after reheating?

In the eyes of the older generation, another taboo is that you can’t wash your hair and take a bath in the month. It’s sour to think about the taste after a month’s sweat pickling.

Correct approach: the body without wound and incision of the puerpera, two or three days later can take a bath, mentality can not open the family and puerpera can first wipe bath after a period of time, use the boiled ginger water to warm. Don’t blow after washing, wait for the body hair to dry before entering the air conditioning room. The pregnant women can take a bath two weeks later, depending on the wound recovery.

4. Can’t sleep on mat even when reheating?

According to the traditional concept, sleeping mat can also make a woman feel cold. This depends on what kind of mat it is and the specific analysis of the mat.

Correct way: too cold bamboo mat, mahjong mat and cowhide mat are really not suitable, straw mat or linen mat is OK, this kind of mat will not be too cold even if the air conditioner is turned on.


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