Breast milk is rich in nutrition, easy to digest and absorb, low in mineral content, small in buffering power and weak in neutralizing gastric acid; low in renal solute load, which is conducive to protecting the baby’s renal function; breast milk is rich in SIgA, lactoferrin, bifidus factor, lysozyme and other immune factors, which can prevent the occurrence of intestinal infectious diseases; breast milk also contains taurine, which can promote the development of baby’s brain Nucleotides for baby’s tissue development. Just, for the new mothers, in the way of breastfeeding their babies, don’t forget to take care of their own breasts. Especially mothers within 42 days of delivery.

Why do you say so? One of the reasons is that the number of breastfeeding babies in 42 days is more frequent than that in the future. The other is that many new mothers are breastfeeding for the first time. It’s hard to avoid some discomfort in breasts. So how do mothers care for their breasts in 42 days after childbirth? Come and have a look with me!

1. Insist on wearing nursing underwear

Many mothers don’t wear nursing underwear because they don’t go out during the lactation period, especially during the month. They think it’s convenient and more comfortable to lift the clothes directly. Convenience is convenience, but in fact, it is not sanitary. Mothers should often have the phenomenon of milk leakage, clothes are soaked by milk erosion, air drying is easy to form blocks, without any protection measures, the breasts are easy to rub and produce scratches, and it is also very unsanitary. Lactation underwear is convenient and sanitary. Mothers should insist on wearing lactation underwear, which is also conducive to maintaining breast type.

2. Chapped nipple

Because the baby sucks hard and frequently, and the breast skin is tender, many baomams have to worry about the chapped nipple caused by the baby sucking. Feed the baby. Sometimes they can’t bear the pain. If they don’t feed, they will cry when they watch the baby. They believe that most baomamas have one heart. It’s more important for the baby to eat well and have enough Based on this situation, baomamas should use nipple protectors to help relieve pain when they are only slightly injured. Want to know that the cracked nipple will not only affect the baby’s lactation, but also easily lead to breast blockage, inflammation and high fever.

3. Pay attention to cleaning and hot compress

Many mothers have had similar experiences. They always think that breasts have lumps, which are actually milk knots. If not dredged in time, it is easy to cause breast blockage, leading to mastitis. Therefore, Baoma can apply hot compress before breast-feeding, and gently massage and dredge the milk knot, so that the baby is more relaxed in sucking, and the mammary gland is not easy to block. After breast-feeding, Baoma can not be lazy, but also should do the corresponding cleaning work.

Every mother who insists on breastfeeding is great, but only those who work hard know that when they insist on breastfeeding for their babies, they must not forget to take good care of themselves!


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