Finally, the unloading, although a light postpartum, but also inevitably have a feeling of a serious illness, mental and physical need time to recover. At this time, the postpartum mother to do is good puerperal period, let the body as soon as possible recovery. In this period of the new mother’s puerperal period, as a husband, we should pay more attention to and take care of the new mother. Let’s look at the secret collection of waiting for the moon. Be a full-time husband!

Secret collection 1: communicate with new mom more

As a husband, we should understand and considerate the hard work of the wife, communicate with her more and give her the greatest encouragement and support. After delivery, the new mother’s body has not recovered, but also busy taking care of the baby, and not adapt to the new role, new life, often feel anxious, irritable, serious people may even suffer from postpartum depression.

New dad should be more considerate of the new mother’s fatigue, if possible, try to spend more vacation with her new mother. If you want to work, you should also try to reduce the amount of social remuneration and go home as soon as possible to accompany your wife and children. Usually, we should communicate with new mom more, understand the idea of new mom, and solve difficulties together. Don’t let new mother bear it alone. Child care problems, can be more online inquiry, do not because they do not understand and ignore, the problem is left to new mom to solve.

Secret Collection 2: remember “the biggest wife in the moon”

After the baby is born, the mother-in-law usually comes to take care of the new mother and baby, but it is easy to have contradictions because of the difference between life habits and parenting concepts. Moreover, since ancient times, the daughter-in-law has been difficult to get along with, and it is inevitable to have differences.

As a good husband, we must first show his attitude, especially when the old man is dissatisfied with his new mother because of her baby’s gender, he should try to comfort the old man; remember that “the wife in the moon is the biggest”, and all matters are subject to obedience, and it is most important for the wife to be happy. New mother is in a good mood, and her body can recover quickly, so that she can take care of her baby better.

Of course, new mothers should try to restrain their emotions and understand each other so that the family can be harmonious.

Secret collection 3: take care of your baby

The new mother is busy taking care of her baby every day, lack of sleep, tight spirit and slower recovery. As a good husband, take the initiative to take care of the baby in the moon, such as changing diapers, washing milk powder, sleeping, comforting the baby, etc. as long as breast milk is not needed, others can do more, so that the new mother has more time to rest and her body can recover faster.

For new dad, taking care of the baby may encounter many difficulties, but as long as he can learn, he will be able to take care of the baby properly.

Secret Collection 4: customize the nutrition meal for the wife

Traditional puerperal period is often to grasp the word “supplement”. In some areas, the maternal is a big fish and meat every day in the moon, and vegetables and fruits are not touched at all. It is not a good thing. The maternal labor consumption is too much, and it really needs nutrition after delivery, which not only relates to the new mother’s physical recovery, but also the baby’s “rations”.

As a good husband, you can find or consult professionals from books and Internet, customize the nutrition meal for your wife, match meat and vegetals reasonably, carefully select various high-quality ingredients, carefully cook it, so that your wife can eat nutrition and enjoy it.


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