Everyone on maternity leave feels like it takes a long time, but the postpartum mom is busy taking care of the baby and the maternity leave flies by. New moms can learn to arrange reasonably. In maternity leave, the most important job is to take care of the baby, but also to pay attention to themselves, especially the appearance, outsiders can see at a glance. Postpartum mothers can’t take care of their children and make themselves dirty every day, proper dressing, can make your mental outlook better. Although work can be put aside temporarily, but near work, but also to prepare in advance, so that they can better transition. How can postpartum mothers make these months easy and happy and return to work without anxiety?

First, maternity leave, focus on the baby body.

If you’re like most professional women, you’re used to working around the clock, checking emails at home even during maternity leave, fine-tuning your reports before bed, and keeping an eye on industry news at the gym… Then you need to change. You know, your current full-time job is not a company job but a baby care.

Many new mothers worry about seeing a full inbox and dozens of items that need to be dealt with immediately on their first day back at work, so they think it’s helpful to use maternity leave to do a little bit of work. But time is precious, and you only have this chance to be fully with your baby, so try taking care of your baby as a full-time job during maternity leave.

Pay attention to your baby’s changes every day, to the surprises and emotions of growing up, and when your maternity leave is over, these seemingly normal but warm moments become rare and precious because of work, so enjoy the time with your baby before you start working.

Two, happy maternity leave, you can do this.

Wear your clothes every day.

If you are alone with your baby and do not wear your clothes well, you will feel more tired mentally. Put on your clothes well (not tight jeans, etc., but comfortable clothes that can be worn out). Simply brushing your hair will make you feel better and make you feel better.

Go out every day.

Unstable sleep patterns make it hard for you to know the end of a day and the beginning of a new day. So leave the house at least once a day, and though it’s troublesome, you’ll breathe fresh air and feel the landscape change. Living too much will make people lazy and boring.

What can be done when feeding.

Although the first point is to stop multitasking, it’s acceptable to do something else while breastfeeding your baby. Of course, if you like to gaze affectionately at your baby, but for many mothers, breastfeeding for the first few weeks is stressful, painful, and unending, so you can use a good book or tablet to distract.

Brief to-do list

Before you have children, you may be able to check a pile of things you need to do without counting lists. But when you have kids, they interrupt what you’re doing, create unexpected situations, and get you off track, so it’s important to have a to-do list.

Three. Don’t forget, preparations before the end of maternity leave.

When you’re still enjoying your baby’s maternity leave, you’ll suddenly find that it’s almost over, so a week or two before the end of the vacation mom has to take care of herself.

Work in advance

You can talk to colleagues, especially work agents, about the extent of work progress, what work is imminent at this stage, or you can come up with that work list, and ask agents to explain in detail the latest status of each job. Make a plan for a new job, and by the time you get to work, it’s easy to re-integrate into the work environment. In this way, once you get back to the company, you can quickly recover your original feeling.

Always release your latest news in your circle of friends.

In maternity leave, some new mothers lack the necessary social activities and neglect the social and corporate concerns, resulting in a return to the workplace, communication gap with colleagues, or even conflict. During maternity leave, new mothers should remember to keep in constant communication with their colleagues. On the one hand, it can help them to understand the changes in the company as soon as possible. On the other hand, it can also let your reproductive process join in the daily conversation with colleagues, so that you have not left them, and your relationship with them is not alienated.

Good clothes make you look good.

During the first two weeks of work, you can buy two suits of proper business clothes and dress formally. You can also wear a thin sense of length, material and collocation. For example, a long skirt with a length larger than the width is very suitable, while a short skirt with similar length and width is a taboo. There’s another secret: “Short tops + short tops = high.” Slender pants and a short jacket can create a slim effect, while “long tops + short tops = short” clothes can make you fatter.

Postpartum weight loss is imperative

Postpartum weight loss, this is an eternal new mother topic, don’t be too lazy, weight loss is imperative, return to the workplace, this is your self-confidence capital, not to give birth to a child will become “mother mulberry”. So don’t always lie on your back during the puerperium. As far as possible to take side lying, prone, consciously tighten the abdomen, try it, it is effective.

After maternity leave, mothers may find it difficult to get back to their original work status and feel less confident because of their lack of work and shifting focus. Therefore, mothers should learn to adjust themselves, change roles as soon as possible, so that they can integrate into the work, otherwise, day work is not pleasant at night with a baby is very annoying, will make people more collapsed.


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