After giving birth to the baby, the new mother’s body has undergone great changes, especially in private places, where the sadness is only known through experience. Many spontaneous mothers have to suffer from lateral resection, perineal infection after childbirth is easy to become relaxed, at this time, post-natal care is particularly important. On the other hand, breast changes, but also make the new mother anxious, in fact, as long as properly maintained, arrogant “double peaks” can also be re-owned, so that you can regain confidence. Then, how should we care for the privacy department?

Perineum: recovery should be done in time.

The perineum will be injured in the production process, and most of the mothers will suffer from episiotomy. Perineal wounds are often accompanied by postpartum lochia, stool, urine. Postpartum perineal care is extremely important, as long as postpartum care is appropriate, there will be no infection.

Active prevention of infection

When a new mother’s perineal wound pain or abnormal secretions, should be vigilant about wound infection, if necessary, consult a doctor for examination or treatment.

Keep your privacy clean.

The so-called private cleaning, on the one hand, requires a new mother to change pads and underwear frequently, on the other hand, also needs a new mother to clean the private every day. After defecation and urination, rinse the perineum with clean water and scrub the vulva with 0.1% benzalkonium bromide solution every day, at least once a day, until the perineal wound is removed.

Pay more attention to diet.

New mothers within a week after surgery, it is best to eat less residue diet, such as milk, lotus root powder, egg soup, rice soup, porridge and other semi-fluid food, in order to prevent the formation of hard stool difficult to discharge, affecting the perineal wound. When you are constipated, eating more bananas is good for defecation. In addition, diet should also pay attention to supplement eggs, lean meat, promote wound repair; eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink more soup such as pig’s hoof soup, in addition to fine grains should eat some coarse grains, do not eat spicy and irritating food.

Sitting position

Postpartum, should be maintained to the opposite side of the perineal wound lying or sitting position, can make postpartum lochia as far as possible do not invade the wound, but also improve the local wound blood circulation, promote healing.

Wet compress vulva

When the vulva wound is swollen and painful, it can be applied to the vulva with wet gauze or 50% Magnesium Sulfate.

Soaking perineum to relieve discomfort

For new mothers with local swelling and induration of perineal wounds, when lochia dew has been significantly reduced after 10 days of delivery, potassium permanganate solution 1:5000 can be used to soak the perineum for 15 minutes, twice a day, to promote the healing of perineal wounds, detumescence, relieve local swelling and discomfort.

Breast: well maintained, postpartum also proud of “Shuangfeng”.

Breast is a symbol of a woman’s pride and sexuality. It not only carries the sacred mission of nurturing a baby, but also endows women with unique charm and charm. After pregnancy due to changes in estrogen levels, many mothers-to-be worried about postpartum breast relaxation, sagging. In fact, as long as you maintain proper conditions, you can have an arrogant “Shuangfeng”.

The right way to breast feed is right.

During the lactation period, mothers should choose the right way of feeding according to the specific situation, commonly used sitting, lateral, encircling, etc. Proper feeding position is beneficial to prevent nipple disease. New mothers should avoid nipping their nipples in the process of sucking, which will easily damage their nipples. Breast feeding should be carried out alternately on both sides of the breast, so as not to cause asymmetry on both breasts.

Choose the right underwear.

Mothers should choose comfortable cotton underwear, to avoid irritating material directly contact with the body. Bra should not be too loose or too tight. Choose a soft cotton and breast-feeding bra. Clean underwear should be replaced every day to keep the breast clean. Don’t choose a bra with plastic edges or support. After the baby is weaned, it can wear the special bra for postnatal body shaping, so that it can effectively concentrate the breast.

Keep breast clean

Postpartum breasts begin to secrete milk, coupled with their own sweat may form a layer around the nipple scab, mothers should first clean the breast before the first breast-feeding. Spread clean vegetable oil on the nipple, wait for the nipple scab to soften, wash with warm soapy water with small alkalinity. Rinse breast, nipple and areola with warm water.

Breast massage

Massage your breasts every night before going to bed or before getting up. The specific method is to put one hand’s index finger, middle finger and ring finger together on the opposite side of the breast, with the nipple as the center, clockwise from the outer edge of the breast to the inside push, massage, each time 10-15 minutes.

Reasonable nutrition diet

Postpartum mothers should pay attention to the balanced intake of nutrition, try not to picky eaters. The staple food will increase more than the late pregnancy, and eat more protein rich foods and fruits and vegetables. In addition, increasing the intake of legumes is beneficial to breast maintenance. Seeds and nuts are rich in protein, such as almonds, walnuts, sesame and so on, which can make breast tissue more elastic.

It takes time for the new mother to recover from the confidentiality of the baby. She starts with little details and persists patiently, believing that she will recover well.


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