When a woman is pregnant and giving birth, she suffers from various kinds of pain. When she thinks about the end of her life, the pain will disappear and she can breathe a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, postpartum lumbago and backache are quietly looking for the door, alas, it is not easy to be a woman! Therefore, women should know how to cherish themselves more, or when you care about your family and baby, the pain of back after childbirth will ruthlessly destroy you. Why does postpartum lumbago and backache occur? What should postpartum mothers do?

Postpartum mother’s worry: Postpartum back pain, how is it?

@ Juan Jie: After giving birth to my baby, I always feel sore back every morning. After a period of exercise, I feel better, but I still can’t recover. This problem has been bothering me for a long time. What’s the matter?

Back pain is the most common symptom throughout pregnancy and the first few months after delivery. During pregnancy, the body produces a large amount of hormone relaxin, which softens the ligaments and makes them more elastic, so that they can easily stretch.

In addition, there may be many reasons for back pain, such as fatigue spasm, spine fatigue, posture errors, acute and chronic muscle injury, etc. There may also be reflex pain caused by viscera, such as appendicitis, sometimes leading to pain in the gastric and back reflex areas; cervical spine problems can also lead to back pain. If the back pain is serious or develops into persistent pain, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and early treatment. Otherwise, the back problems are easy to develop into chronic diseases and more difficult to cure.

Postpartum mothers’backache is still quite common, in fact, backache is often caused by their own attention, postpartum mothers should not only care about their babies, but also ignore themselves. You know, if you’re not in good health, you can’t take better care of your baby. To prevent postpartum low back pain, I have some small methods, postpartum mother may wish to learn.

Prevent postpartum low back pain, you can do so!

1. Avoid bending down or standing for a long time.

Postpartum mothers are not suitable to start wearing high heels too early, standing or squatting for a long time, and often bending down should be avoided as far as possible. At the same time, more simple waist activities should be done to promote blood circulation in the waist. When the temperature is low, attention should be paid to the waist warmth.

2. When sitting, it’s better to use cushions.

When postpartum mothers are sitting, they should try to lean on the back of the chair, preferably with cushions on the back, so as to maintain a good posture under the back and avoid excessive pressure on the back.

3. Choose some foods for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and invigorating blood circulation

In terms of diet, mothers can choose some foods that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis to open the body’s meridians, so that the blood circulation in the body is smooth, and naturally there will be no backache. And blood-enriching food is also a good choice, can supplement the energy consumed by mothers during childbirth, physical fitness improved, backache will gradually improve.

4. Calcium supplementation in time

Breastfeeding mothers need to transfer a large amount of calcium stored in their bodies to their breast milk every day, so they consume a lot of calcium. Generally speaking, women pay great attention to calcium supplementation during pregnancy, but after the birth of the baby, they are busy taking care of the baby every day, but they tend to neglect themselves. Therefore, mothers usually need to drink more milk and eat more foods with high calcium content, such as shrimp skin, all kinds of soybean products.

5. Hot compress, massage or hot bath

Postpartum back muscle soreness can be relieved by hot compress, massage or hot bath. These methods can promote blood circulation, relax muscles and reduce pain and fatigue. In addition, we should pay attention to proper rest.

In fact, many mothers suffer from backache during their motherhood. They just take care of their babies carefully, but they don’t care much about their own pain. The postpartum mother’s body has not yet recovered, and the task of caring for the baby is too heavy, if we do not pay attention to early prevention, will make backache worse and worse. If there is no healthy body, how can we take good care of the baby?


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