Some novice mothers know little about post-natal care and can only follow the traditional practices of the older generation. In fact, some of the older generation’s ideas are out of date and it is silly to follow them now. To be really good for oneself, one must know more about scientific postpartum nursing knowledge, so as to be more conducive to physical recovery. Postpartum often commit eight bogey, new mother must avoid, or hurt you!

A postpartum taboo: hold back urine

Postpartum mothers are often afraid of urination, especially those with tear wounds in the private sector, because they are afraid of pain, and worry about getting wounds, and choose to hold the urine. In fact, this practice is not desirable. Postpartum mothers micturition in time, this has a positive meaning for postpartum body recovery. You know, if urinary retention occurs, the expansion of the bladder may affect uterine contraction, more adverse to postpartum recovery.

Postpartum two taboo: no Shampoo

This is the custom handed down by the older generation, saying that it is impossible to wash your hair during puerperium. In the old days, mothers were not allowed to wash their hair because of inadequate warmth, especially in winter, when the house might be windy on all sides, and when their mother was weak after childbirth, a minute shampoo risked catching a cold. But now people’s living standards have improved, living conditions are very good, there are many practical appliances can help, just a little attention, during the month shampoo will not be a big problem.

Postpartum three taboo: long-term bedridden

Many people think that the postpartum mother is weak, should not often walk, to lie down to rest, in fact, this approach is not conducive to the recovery of the body. If lying in bed during the puerperium, it will increase the risk of uterine prolapse and constipation. Proper ambulation can promote blood circulation, promote uterine recovery and maintain good body shape.

Postpartum four taboo: do not open doors and windows

This is also the concept of the older generation, that maternal can not blow, so they closed the doors and windows. Yes, it’s not suitable for the puerpera to blow directly, but the doors and windows are closed, the indoor air is not circulating, promote bacteria breeding, long-term such covering is not conducive to maternal and child health. Therefore, the new mother’s room to properly open doors and windows ventilation, and the new mother should pay attention to keeping warm, avoid vents.

Postpartum five taboo: special supplement

Some mothers feel that they spend too much time on their children. During the month of childbirth, they have to make up for a special supplement. It is necessary to supplement, but not the big supplement, but the correct supplement, or excessive nutrition is easy to cause obesity, postpartum weight loss will become particularly difficult. We should pay attention to the reasonable nutrition, and not every big meal and all kinds of nourishing soup. I have to remind postpartum mothers, eat less fruits and vegetables, and eat greasy, but very easy constipation yo!

Six postpartum taboo: using the wrong sanitary napkin

Postpartum period of time will have lochia outflow, mothers should pay attention to using sanitary napkins, must choose qualified sanitary napkins, the brand is more trustworthy. In addition, even if the amount of lochia slowly decreased, also remember to change sanitary napkins, keep private hygiene, otherwise easy to infection.

Postpartum seven taboos: lose weight immediately

Some mothers can’t wait to lose weight or go on a diet or do a lot of exercise right after they have a baby. If you want to get back in shape, you have to get back in shape. Otherwise, losing weight blindly may damage your body and make it harder to recover.

Postpartum eight avoid: premature sexual life

Although the couple abstinence for a long time, but postpartum sex can not be too hasty, everything to postpartum mother’s body is important. If the body is restored to health, it will be more appropriate to start sexual life 8 weeks after birth. Remember, premature, intense, frequent sexual life is harmful to the health of the postpartum mother. In addition, do not forget the postpartum contraception yo!


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