Beauty is a woman’s nature, postpartum figure is naturally the focus of women’s attention, and prenatal and postpartum differences in body size, so that the new mother has trouble, especially breast problems. Postpartum breast prolapse, breast size, breast long gravid lines and so on, these problems directly affect the new mother’s mood and self-confidence. How to deal with the breast problem of postnatal new mommy? How to restore self-confidence to new mommy?

Worry: postpartum breast ptosis and severe shrinkage

Maccha Mommy: The breast is small before pregnancy, and when you are pregnant and breast-feeding, it gets bigger. It’s still very happy. How do you know that after weaning, the sagging shrinks, leaving a layer of skin, no elasticity. Although my husband said nothing, I always felt uncomfortable and worried about death. What should I do?

The main reason for postpartum chest sagging is generally after the cessation of breast feeding, because the hormone level is reduced, mammary acinar ducts, glands and adipose tissue will atrophy, and the skin and supporting tissue is correspondingly more, so it will cause breast sagging.

[breast beauty, starting from everyday life]

1, feeding correctly.

Many new moms are used to letting their babies drink milk in the same place. Such a long time will lead to uneven size of the breast. So when breast-feeding to remember that both sides of the breast to alternate breast-feeding to ensure that both sides of the breast size symmetry. Moreover, mastitis should be avoided during breast feeding.

2, choose the right bra and stick to Dai Wenxiong.

From breast-feeding onwards, new mothers are about to start buying comfortable bras for their suddenly flabby breasts and stick to bras. Because breast weight during breast-feeding increases significantly, if you do not wear a bra, the breast will be overweight and significantly sagging.

3. Bathing breast

Reduce the stimulation of hot water, do not let hot water stimulate the breast for a long time, or easily scald the cuticle of the skin surface, so that the skin becomes dry, breast tissue will become more and more relaxed. So the recommended bath temperature is about 27 degrees. The chest can be washed from the bottom up with the sprinkler, which can enhance the breast and prevent breast droop.

4, massage the breast day and night.

Before going to bed or getting up in the morning every day, the new mother can lie in bed and massage her chest to speed up the metabolism of the chest, promote blood circulation and stimulate the production of estrogen. Do breast massage and chest exercises to make your breasts more elastic and natural.

Worry two: long stretch marks on the chest

Hanxi: I’ve always been very concerned about maintenance. When I was pregnant, I found that I had stretch marks on my stomach. There are many ways to dilute stretch marks. These days, when I was breast fed, I noticed that the chest was also pregnant with a stretch mark. It was horrible and ugly.

Pregnancy striae are seen in the lower abdomen, thighs, hips or chest during pregnancy, showing purple or pink stripes, about 70% to 90% of the new mothers in the first pregnancy, will appear gravid striae, so that Amy’s new mother worried.

[postpartum long stretch marks, three magic trick to solve]

1. Maintenance after pregnancy

Three months after birth is the best time to get rid of stretch marks. It is recommended that new mothers do simple exercises at home (e.g. leg lifting) to eliminate edema. In addition, diligently massage produces easy stretch marks, which can effectively eliminate stretch marks. The new mother should eat more food rich in vitamin C at this time, such as citrus, strawberry, vegetables and so on, but also should eat more milk rich in vitamin B6 and its products. Ensure adequate sleep. Let the skin restore elasticity.

2, hot compress smear method

Hot towel for a few minutes before daily use, then evenly apply some special products to remove stretch marks on the area where there are lines, gently rub and massage until the skin is completely absorbed. This method is precious in persistence, but also to be related to the severity of striae gravidarum, can not follow suit, just stick to their own ideas!

3, medical beauty desalination

Now it can be desalinated by medical cosmetology or reduce the appearance or range of stretch marks. In the early stage of purple-red, pulsed light or dye laser irradiation can accelerate the regression of purple-red lines, increase the production of collagen, reduce the severity of striae gravidarum; Laser micro-dermabrasion surgery can improve the scar tissue; Fruit acid skin change can improve the color and thickness of the epidermis, but also make striae gravidarum look unclear. Obvious.

Worry three: the breast is big and small.

Quiet blue shallow: baby just born to eat less, while feeding enough to eat, but also habitually with one side to feed. Recently found that one side of the breast is big and the other side is small, is it only one side of the thing to eat? Feed with the other side, milk is still small, also did not see both sides become the same big, how to do?

Many breast-feeding new mothers will find that after a period of lactation, both sides of the breast will appear the size of the breast, this is mainly because of the mother’s breast-feeding method is not correct, or the baby sucking strength problem. When the size of the breast, the new mother should pay attention to adjust their breast feeding methods, the necessary massage to improve breast symptoms.

[changing feeding habits, easy to get a big breast.

1. After each breast-feeding, if the baby can not eat up the milk of both breasts, the new mother will have to squeeze the milk of both breasts empty, to ensure that the two breasts secrete milk volume is basically consistent.

2. Mother should massage the breast regularly, can adopt the way of pushing the breast directly, pushing the breast laterally and massaging the breast with hot compress to improve one big or one small breast problem.

3. The new mother should know that breast-feeding can not rely solely on the baby’s preferences, habits which side to which side, must take turns with both breast-feeding, so that both breasts are sucked by the baby’s equal opportunity, the same time, try to let the baby suck more small breasts, a few days later, you can improve the size of the breast.

Breasts are an important organ for women, and also the best interpretation of women’s beauty. Women want to be healthy while pursuing breast plump and proud! Maintain breasts well, start from their daily life, start from the details.


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