After unloading, many mothers hope to recover as soon as possible, but postpartum recovery is a gradual process, new mothers can not be too hasty, just after childbirth, obedient puerperium bar! Moon period is also the best period for physical recovery. The recovery progress of spontaneous and caesarean section is different, and the recovery of caesarean section takes longer. What is a gradual process of postpartum mother’s physical recovery? Let’s see, just after delivery, within 24 hours after delivery, within a week after delivery, the second week after delivery… The main points of attention in each period should be understood.

Just after delivery

The new mother had just gone through an overloaded exercise, and she was so tired that she collapsed, she wanted to relax and have a good sleep. Note that at this time, the mother’s body is running like a 3000-meter long distance race, the body can not immediately lie down and breathe heavily, relax the body needs to be gradual. At this time, the new mother should be under the guidance of the doctor, gently massage the abdomen, help to eliminate the body lochia to restore physical fitness, after a long period of closed eyes, can fall asleep soundly.

Note: Go to pillow and lie flat within 6 hours after cesarean section

6 hours later, he turned over in bed: the husband pressed his hand on the wound, pushed the other hand on the neck, the other man cushioned the waist of the pregnant woman to make it comfortable, with his legs bent, put cushions between his legs for 3 or 6 hours, and then ate rice soup or radish soup. The rice soup should not put anything on it. After drinking, the hind intestine wriggled and farted, he could eat it. Other.

Within 24 hours after delivery

Native mothers can go to the bathroom in 12 hours after delivery, but they need the accompaniment of their families to prevent syncope. Mothers of cesarean section can only lie in bed safely within 4 hours after delivery. They can get out of bed and exercise a little after 24 hours if their body permits.

Note 1: observe the amount of bleeding

Postpartum hemorrhage is the most important problem to be noticed on the first day of delivery. Therefore, no matter how tired or weak, observing the amount of hemorrhage is the most important lesson for new mothers. Therefore, when going to the toilet, we should pay attention to collecting the sanitary pads, and do not discard them. If there is more bleeding or vaginal discharge, we should inform the doctor in time.

Note 2: The first urination after delivery is very important.

Go back to the ward, still have to urinate in time, do not hold back urine. If you eat a lot, drink a lot of inconvenience, a few hours later, it is necessary to report to the doctor in time, whether there is bladder paralysis phenomenon, the doctor will help to deal with. It is worth emphasizing that mothers should not be afraid of pain and dare not urinate. They must overcome difficulties and expel urine in time.

If you have difficulty in urinating, you can first rinse the pudenda with warm water, turn on the tap to listen to the sound of water, sit in a warm basin, acupuncture, gently massage the bladder and other methods, but you can not urinate, then you can only insert the ureter.

Within a week after delivery

The main place of activity for the new mother within one week after delivery should be in bed, if the body permits, get out of bed, walk, exercise a little, can prevent constipation, accelerate blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, and help to return to the slim figure of the past. These activities should be carried out with the accompaniment of family members. They should be carried out step by step. They should not be over-tired and injure the body.

Note 1: Significant physiological changes within one week after delivery

(1) sweating after childbirth (mattress sweat): need to be cold-proof and warm (wipe sweat with a dry towel, often check whether the clothes are wet, wet to change in time, to wear socks)

(2) Postpartum lower abdominal pain: 2-3 days after cesarean section

(3) Low fever often occurs in the first two days after delivery. If the mother has a cold, she can still nurse, but she should wash her hands and wear a mask.

Attention 2: Attention to postpartum health

Do remember to brush your teeth after delivery. Generally speaking, you can take a bath after 3 days of spontaneous delivery and 10 days after cesarean section. After washing your head, you can use a towel or hair dryer to dry it and keep it cool. Postpartum fever is a major event. Don’t think it’s just a headache and a fever. New mothers must develop a good habit of measuring their body temperature regularly after delivery. If they find that their body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius, they should be careful.

Second week after delivery

Most postpartum mothers’bodies have allowed her to get out of bed and do routine things, but she still needs to recover. She should avoid fatigue, standing, squatting or doing heavy work for a long time in order to prevent uterine prolapse.

Some mothers follow the traditional custom of moonlight, lying in bed for a long time with little activity. This will lead to poor blood circulation of lower limbs, prone to venous embolism. At this time, if physical conditions permit, you can try to do some simple postpartum gymnastics, help to exercise the body, promote blood circulation, help the body to recover.

The third week after delivery

Postpartum mothers can basically return to normal life, their bodies have basically recovered, and they can get out of bed and work as hard as they can. But at this time, the body function is still not fully restored, so we should pay attention to rest, not too tired. In addition, don’t stand for long or do something physically demanding. Don’t lift heavy things, you can do some work to take care of the newborn, so that the body slowly accustomed to, but not tired.

Eighth week postpartum

New mothers can gradually return to normal work. The body has basically restored to its pre-pregnancy state, the lochia has been exhausted, the uterus has returned to its original state, and the wound has recovered well, leaving only a faint scar. We should pay attention to exercise according to our own physical condition, which is conducive to the overall recovery of physical function; daily life should not be overworked, pay attention to rest.

The speed of postpartum recovery varies from person to person. Some mothers exercise regularly before pregnancy, and their original nature is better. Postpartum physical recovery may be faster; while some mothers recover relatively slowly after delivery, but there is no need to worry about it. Postpartum recovery is a gradual process, postpartum new mothers should pay attention to rest, pay attention to the points mentioned above, actively cooperate, so that the body can recover as soon as possible.


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