A lot of Ma Ma Ma said that she had experienced labor pains of more than 10 hours after her full October pregnancy, and thought she could breathe a sigh of relief at last. But unexpectedly, it was painful to breast-feed after delivery, and sometimes suffered from breast-feeding. It was really a cry of “wow”.

For many hemp, the pain of postpartum breast-feeding is a big barrier to be crossed after the birth of a baby.

Why is it easy to get milk?

Postpartum milk increase usually occurs in the week after delivery.

From the beginning of pregnancy, mother’s breasts gradually become plump. A few days after the birth of the baby, it reached the acme. One week after delivery, the hormones in the mother’s body change, the breast began to secrete more milk, if not handled in time, the breast is easy to swell and pain.

If you are also plagued by postpartum breast-feeding and worry that it will affect breast-feeding later, it is necessary to learn how to relieve breast-feeding.

1. Open the milk as soon as possible and let the baby suck as soon as possible.

Ma Ma Ma knows that in order to breast-feed smoothly, it is necessary to open milk as soon as possible. Breast-feeding begins within half an hour after birth, which is conducive to milk secretion.

Making the baby suck adequately is one of the ways to alleviate the blockage of mammary glands, which is beneficial to dredging mammary ducts and making the milk secretion more smoothly.

Before each breast-feeding, hemp should be hot compressed with a warm towel for one minute to relax the breast, which is conducive to milk secretion. After breast-feeding and in the middle of two breast-feeding sessions, if the breast swelling is severe and the baby is unwilling to suck, cold compress can be applied, which is conducive to cooling the breast and alleviating the swelling. The time of cold compress varies from person to person.

2. Dietary regulation to avoid high-sugar and high-fat foods

During the month, the older generation will boil the hemp with thick and greasy lactating soup. If Ma Ma Ma has been raised milk situation, avoid excessive nourishment, diet should be light, avoid eating more high fat, high sugar, greasy, stimulating food, avoid milk secretion too strong, thick, not conducive to discharge.

3. Correct Posture to Reduce Breast Burden

Incorrect breast-feeding posture will not only increase the burden of breast-feeding, but also cause breast-feeding difficulties, insufficient milk, nipple pain, milk clogging and so on.

Correct breast-feeding posture: keep the baby’s head and body straight, body towards the mother, face to breast, while the mother maintains a comfortable position, so that the baby’s body is close to herself.

In addition, the correct way to hold breast milk should be the baby’s lower lip eversion oh, rather than shrinking inward.

To make breast-feeding more comfortable, hemp can use armchairs or special pillows for breast-feeding.

4. Suck out excess milk with the aid of a sucker

Some hemp milk is too much for babies to eat, and they will suffer from breast swelling. In this case, the use of breast suckers to suck out excess milk, can not only solve breast pain, but also promote breast secretion.

If Ma Ma doesn’t want to get up in the middle of the night and milk miserably by hand, then it is recommended to choose an electric suction device, which saves energy and effort.

5. Increase support and choose underwear correctly

Take care of your breasts. Don’t forget to choose the right lactating underwear. Making use of soft cotton cloth for breast-feeding underwear, the design is relatively broad, which can support swollen and sagging chest, improve breast blood circulation, help to keep breast ducts open, reduce siltation, and alleviate pain.


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