It is said that babies born in summer are brave and enthusiastic, just like wild summer days. But in hot summer, our new mothers also have a hard puerperium in this season. From time to time, I heard some puerperal friends around me complain: “The weather is so hot, the family said that the puerpera just gave birth to a child can not blow and cool, do not turn on the air conditioning fan, do not give a bath, and have to cover up with long sleeves and pants…” Hearing this, I could not help pinching the cold sweat for the mothers. How can puerperium be covered up in such hot weather? Is it not that the puerperium is the most important time in a woman’s life and she can get a rebirth? It is fortunate that such a puerperium can expect to keep her body healthy and not get sick by fever.

Now all advocate scientific puerperal period, the old traditional concept of “cover” must be eliminated. In society, there are always many maternal health hazards or even loss of life news caused by postpartum heatstroke, and I am very sad to see these news. Why the happiness of the birth of a new baby has not been enjoyed for a long time, but the old traditional concept of puerperium and parturient women to give up their hands, which hit a family how much ah. So the summer puerperium, the heat wave rolling high-temperature weather, for new mothers the most painful. And the first thing to prevent is postpartum heatstroke.

Puerperal heatstroke refers to an acute disorder of central body temperature regulation due to high temperature and sultry heat in puerperium (commonly known as “puerperium”).

Some new mothers live deep indoors, and wear long trousers and trousers to keep the body in a high temperature and humidity state.

In order to prevent puerperal heatstroke, new mothers and their families should first abandon the old puerperal customs and habits, and make scientific puerperium, and do the following measures:

1. Prevent excessive room temperature. Hot summer days, if the room temperature is too high, the mother will not only feel stuffy and warm, breathing will increase, but once the body’s heat energy is not emitted, it will easily cause body temperature rise and fever and heatstroke. Therefore, during puerperium, air conditioning can be used to adjust the indoor temperature to 26 degrees Celsius, which is the most comfortable temperature. And maternal caution against cold, can also add a windshield to the air conditioning, to avoid air conditioning directly blowing the body.

Second, do a good job of room ventilation. Although the maternal can not be ventilated, it does not mean that the room can not be ventilated. Think of it, if the room is not ventilated for a long time, no matter whether it is in an air conditioner or in a sultry state, many bacteria will easily breed. Especially when the puerpera is just finished, the resistance in puerperium is low, and it will be more susceptible to the infection of bacteria and bacteria. Therefore, we should timely ventilate the maternal room every day, and in order to avoid the maternal ventilation, we can let the maternal leave the ventilation place first, and then let the maternal return to the room to rest after the ventilation.

3. See a doctor in time if there is any discomfort. In case of maternal heatstroke or physical discomfort, do not adhere to the old customs such as “Puerperium is to lie down and not go out”. Be sure to consult a doctor in time so that the doctor can make a professional judgment on your physical condition. Keep taboos on diseases and avoid medical treatment, resulting in irreparable consequences.

Finally, I hope every new mother has a healthy and happy puerperium. Scientific puerperium, keep in good condition and good mood, physical recovery will be faster.


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