Pregnant in October, once the baby is delivered, the burden is finally relieved. The new mother can make a comfortable month with peace of mind, so that the body can get a full rest, so as to avoid falling ill in the future.

Many people will choose puerperium at home, which is more convenient and economical. At home, puerperium involves the question of who will take care of the baby. Generally, the mother-in-law or mother-in-law will be invited to take care of the baby. Then, who is more suitable to take care of it?

Part1. Mother in law care

Advantages: Nowadays, most young couples live alone and spend less time with their families. During the puerperium, they ask their mother-in-law to help and live together at home, which can enhance the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and the whole family can welcome the arrival of a new life together. In addition, the mother-in-law is also a person who has some experience in parenting, and will have more experience in taking care of the baby.

Disadvantages: different ideas will produce some small contradictions. For example, there are some brand-new parenting concepts. It is easy for a new mother to have a disagreement with her mother-in-law. Like these——

The problem of washing one’s hair after one’s birth: the condition was not good in ancient times, so we didn’t wash our hair to protect the new mother from cold. But now the conditions allow shampoo, postpartum about 10 days can wash hair, after washing to pay attention to blow dry hair, do not let the scalp cool can.

Brush your teeth in the month: the older generation said that you can’t brush your teeth in the month, which is also a mistake. Postpartum teeth need to be protected, especially after eating to pay attention to oral cleaning problems, to prevent dental caries.

Part2. Mother care

Advantages: the daughter is always the mother’s little cotton padded jacket, even if the daughter has been a mother, in the mother’s eyes is still the original small cotton padded jacket. It is easier for daughter and mother to communicate with each other. If there is anything you can speak out boldly and let your mother do it for yourself. In this way, during the period of confinement, it will be more convenient and comfortable to sit.

Disadvantages: mother’s care is more intimate, everything will be personally for fear that the daughter will be affected. As a result, some mothers take care of them. They rely on their mothers for everything and become lazy. These misunderstandings appear——

☛ old lying in bed: maternal in the production process spent a lot of energy, naturally need a good rest, but can not always lie down, because if always lying down, the uterus did not return to the anteversion, more likely to become the back, so it will lead to uterine prolapse.

☛ lochia is too much: if you have been lying down, it is not conducive to the discharge of lochia, which affects the normal recovery of puerpera. Therefore, it is necessary to walk properly. Lochia after delivery needs the help of nursing pad.


Yuezi pays attention to sitting comfortably. When you feel comfortable, you will have a meaningful sitting. It is not difficult to decide who will take care of the baby. The truth is that new mothers should plan well in advance, weigh their advantages and disadvantages, and give themselves a comfortable confinement.


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