Mothers should have heard of it. Sitting well will bring good health. On the contrary, if the moon sits badly, there will be many problems later. During puerperium, the mother’s waist to bear a lot of pressure, feeding, changing diapers, holding the baby, etc., let the waist is very injured. Just realized the joy of the baby’s birth, the new mother soon entered the back pain discomfort and pain, how to break?

Waist protection: 5 points for attention

There is support on the back when feeding.

If a mother feeds her baby in a forward-leaning position, the pressure on her back and waist is high. So mothers are better off sitting on the sofa or in chairs with backs to breast-feed their children, so the burden on the waist can be reduced. Of course, it’s best to sit in a comfortable place or else your body will be stiff.

Crouch before you hold your baby.

Many mothers have been accustomed to directly bent down to pick up the baby, you know, this is very unscientific, because the waist requirements are too high, it is easy to appear to flash the waist and other issues. Therefore, when holding the baby, it is best to squat down first, and then rely on the strength of the back and legs, pick up the baby and then stand upright, so the burden on the waist is smaller.

Sitting to change diapers for children

Many mothers are used to standing up and changing their diapers, putting their babies in a crib or stroller, and bending over themselves, which can cause a lot of damage to the waist and can put a lot of stress on the waist. Mothers are advised to sit by the bedside and change their children’s diapers, which will be easy, and can extend the diaper changing process, allowing the baby to receive the most delicate care, increasing parent-child interaction.

Raise the height of the baby carriage.

Some baby carriages are very low in height, so whether the baby is lifted or lowered, the waist requirements are relatively high. We can choose to raise the height of the baby carriage, so that it will be more convenient and easy to hold the baby. In addition, the choice of baby carriage should also be more cautious, if too heavy or not smooth, then push up will not be very convenient.

Light clothes to bathe the baby

If a mother still wears a lot of clothes when she showers her baby, the burden on her body becomes heavier. Moreover, in the process of bathing the baby, often need to squat down, for the waist, is also a harm. At this time, if still wearing clumsy clothes, it is simply inconvenient! So, when the baby takes a bath, to wear light clothes, convenient for mothers to display their fists and feet, to the baby’s most intimate care.

Waist care: living habits like this

Postpartum low back pain is a difficult problem for many new mothers, because the endocrine has not been adjusted, plus pelvic ligament is still relaxed, abdominal muscles are more relaxed, in addition, postpartum care of infants need to often bend down, if the discharge of lochia is not smooth, low back pain will intensify, so postpartum new mothers need Pay special attention to waist protection.

Keep warm.

Postpartum also pay attention to keep warm, avoid the head, waist, joints and other parts of the direct cold wind, early contact with cold water, early wear of miniskirts and suspender skirts are not conducive to maternal recovery, it is easy to leave behind the “moon sickness”. Therefore, we should pay attention to the waist warmth, especially when the weather changes to add clothing in time to avoid being blown by the cold wind, cold will aggravate pain.

Don’t wear high heels too early.

Now many pregnant women are 80 or 90, even if they are Mommy, they must be pretty. Not long after the birth of the child, he wore a sling skirt and high-heeled shoes to the street. In fact, this is very bad for pregnant and lying-in women, premature wear of high-heeled shoes, so that the body center of gravity forward, in addition to causing foot pain and other discomforts, but also through reflex involving the waist, so that the waist pain. It’s better to wear cloth shoes, and the sole should be soft.

Less effort at the waist

When lifting things, pay attention to not too violent, take things or take things to be close to the object, avoid inappropriate posture flash injury waist muscle, avoid lifting heavy or high objects, waist discomfort when lifting baby or other things, try to use the strength of the arms and legs, waist as little as possible.

Insist on doing lumbar exercise

Don’t run too early, walk a long way, do 2-3 minutes of lumbar exercise every day after getting up, the body can recover well maternal walk more, if you feel lumbar discomfort, massage or hot compress pain or take a hot bath to alleviate low back pain.

Guaranteed sleep

Adequate sleep is to ensure that the maternal recovery of physical strength, restore muscle elasticity, but also more conducive to home care for children, so postpartum mothers should try to find time to sleep. Sleep, often to change the position of the bed, sleep in a supine position or side sleep, the mattress should not be too soft, if too soft can be covered with a hard mattress.

The baby is born, the mother began to spin, help the baby bath, change diapers, breast-feeding and so on, the body will bear a heavy pressure and burden, and for the waist pressure is greater. If Mommy doesn’t pay attention in daily life, he will hurt his waist carelessly. How does postnatal Mommy protect the waist from being tired? Let’s take a look.

Babies don’t grow up in two days a day. Mothers need to take care of their bodies so that they can fight a long war. Lumbar care is very important, mothers must pay attention to, so as to better care for the baby, accompanied by the healthy growth of the baby.


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