During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are always worried about physical conditions, even if it is only a small cold and fever, will be particularly nervous, because pregnancy can not be used casually. It’s hard to get through pregnancy and unload, but during breast-feeding, colds and fevers are not a trivial matter. New mothers are always careful, afraid that they can’t breast-feed their children because of a cold and fever. Then, the belief in exclusive breast-feeding may go down the drain. Can you really not feed your baby with a cold during your lactation?

Can breastfeeding fever feed your baby?

If a breast-feeding mother has a cold and a fever, she can still feed her baby as long as she does not have a high fever and is physically exhausted. Because children in daily contact with their mothers, has inevitably come into contact with the mother’s bacteria, and it produced a certain antibody, so the general cold, fever, mothers can still rest assured to feed their babies, but pay attention to drink more water, lest milk concentrate, causing diarrhea.

General hospital doctors, in the knowledge that you are in breast-feeding when the drug should be edible, drink warm boiled water, breast-feeding need not be suspended, even if the fever does not return is not afraid, low fever can be breast-feeding to the baby, high fever is not.

Can you give an injection when you have a fever during lactation?

Lactation fever generally does not recommend medical treatment, if high fever does not subside, it should be timely to the regular hospital, in the medical opinion injection medicine.

If the sick mother has been treated with a drug injection, it is recommended not to breastfeed during the infusion, or to consult a doctor if she can continue breastfeeding. First, the mother is sick, the virus is easy to pass through the milk to the baby; second, fever general anti-inflammatory drugs, some anti-inflammatory drugs through the breast into the milk, so that the baby absorb.

Usually in lactation, if the mother has a fever injection, it is best to wait until one or two days after the cessation of medication to feed the baby. This will not affect the baby. Adults drink plenty of warm boiled water. Baby drinks milk powder for the time being.

Does breast-feeding fever affect milk?

Drugs taken by lactating mothers, especially those that are more potent, are transported to the milk through the plasma-milk barrier. If continuous intake of such milk, it may indeed affect the health of children.

First of all, if you have a fever during breast-feeding, you must tell your doctor that you are breast-feeding, so that your doctor can prescribe some of the safest drugs.

Secondly, after taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, breast-feeding after 4 hours, if really worried about the impact of drugs, you can temporarily stop breast-feeding during the medication period, to replace formula milk.

Again, remember not to blindly take their own medicine, may lead to infant intestinal disorders, mild diarrhea.

Finally, do not be afraid of affecting the baby’s health, and repeatedly delayed illness, you know, once the serious illness, but also affect the baby’s breast-feeding, so when sick or timely to see a doctor, under the guidance of the doctor to reduce symptoms, as soon as possible recovery.

Fever during lactation, how to treat without taking medicine?

Breast-feeding mothers can be said to pull a hair and move the whole body, if a fever, whether injection or taking medicine will have more or less impact on the milk. What if the mother in lactation has a fever?

1. You can sweat by drinking more hot water, covering the quilt more, washing the sauna, soaking your feet with hot water, so as to reduce the body’s fever, but also pay attention to replenishing the water.

2. Pour hot water about 42 degrees into the cup, put the mouth and nose into the cup mouth, constantly inhale hot steam, three times a day, can accelerate the improvement of cold.

3, wet compress helps reduce body temperature. Hot wet compress can reduce fever. But when the patient feels hot, he should replace it with cold wet compress.

Put a wet towel on the forehead, hands and shank, and other parts should be covered with clothing. If the body temperature rises above 39.4C, do not use hot compress to reduce fever. Cold compress should be used to keep the body temperature from rising. When the cold compress reaches the body temperature, it should be replaced once and until the burn is retreated. Sponge evaporation and systemic evaporation also have a cooling effect.

4, common antipyretic diet therapy:

Orange peel ginger brown sugar tea: orange peel, ginger each 10 grams of shredded, add water to fry half a bowl, take brown sugar when taking the appropriate amount, while taking the heat. Sleeping with your back cover will help reduce fever and relieve headache.

Cabbage and radish soup: 250 grams of cabbage heart, 60 grams of white radish, add some water, fry well and put in about 15 grams of brown sugar, drink soup while hot to eat vegetables.

Glutinous rice and onion porridge: 100 grams of glutinous rice washed, add water to moderate boil porridge, will be cooked, add scallion white several root boiled until cooked, eat on an empty stomach.

Pear Jujube Egg Soup: 1 pear wash and cut into pieces, jujube, ginger, ice sugar, and then add water to boil, and finally beat an egg down. Take 1 times after morning and evening, rest after taking.

Breast-feeding is a special period, new mothers should pay special attention to the treatment of gods and horses are floating clouds, prevention is the truth. New mothers should pay attention to rest, nutrition, appropriate exercise to enhance resistance, prevent the occurrence of colds and fever and other diseases.


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