After the first month of the baby, the novice mother’s body needs more careful care. On the one hand, it has not been fully recovered, on the other hand, there are some new problems. So, what are the main points of post natal personal care?

1. Personal hygiene care

First of all, of course, personal hygiene.

Traditional methods of puerperal care do not pay much attention to maternal hygiene, such as not being able to wash because of the fear of cold and wind, not being able to wash hair, fear of damage to teeth, and so on.

In fact, a well-recovered puerpera, less than a week after the birth of the baby can take a bath and shampoo, but pay attention not to tub bath, in order to avoid infection.

Brushing teeth is also possible! Because during the puerperium, eating more times, eat more nutrients, if not brushing teeth for a long time, it is easy to cause bacteria in the mouth to multiply, thus causing oral diseases. It is recommended to brush your teeth 1-2 times a day, rinse your mouth after eating, and use a soft brush with warm water when brushing your teeth.

In addition, there are more sweating in the puerperium, so we should pay attention to changing clothes frequently. Also pay attention to the more secretions during the month, so to use warm boiled water to properly clean the vulva, and to change pads frequently to keep clean and dry.

2. Postpartum recovery nursing

Postpartum physical recovery is most familiar with uterine recovery, to change back to the original size until full recovery, about six weeks, so it is recommended that this time to the hospital for a review.

In addition, there are some physical recovery, such as body recovery, skin recovery, and so on, these need to be slowly, but also can not relax for a moment Oh, eat more, move less, do not blame the body can not recover.

In addition, some novice mothers will also appear backache, suggesting that breast-feeding can find a support point, let the back relax as far as possible, you can try breast-feeding pillows, hold the baby when the best bending knees, usually should also reduce the bending weight lifting situation, these are trying to let the family help it.

3, breast health care

Generally speaking, let the baby suck the nipple as soon as possible within half an hour after delivery, which is conducive to milk reflex, promote milk secretion, but also conducive to uterine contraction. Postpartum breast care can not be ignored.

Every time before breast-feeding, it is recommended to wash the nipple with warm boiling water, but to avoid using soap, detergent and other cleaning, in order to avoid natural film damage, nipple chapped and affect breast-feeding.

In addition, some mothers may have chapped nipples shortly after childbirth, so it is recommended to wear cotton and loose underwear, so as to prevent the exacerbation of lesions. When necessary, some nipple chapped repair cream can be applied, which is conducive to the recovery of the breast.

Novice mothers should also pay attention to taking time to rest as much as possible, relax, let the child’s father participate in childcare, reduce overwork, so that the body can recover faster.


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