One month after delivery is called the “Moon Period”. There are many traditional puerperal customs, and there are many things to pay attention to.

However, many of these customs are now less scientific, and excessive adherence to the words will be harmful to maternal health. Take the hygiene issue during the month of childbirth, for example, the following points need special attention.

1. During the puerperium, you can brush your teeth.

Traditionally, moonlight custom holds that a woman can’t brush her teeth within a month after giving birth to a child, and it’s easy to fall off with a single brush.

But in fact, during the month of childbirth, we should pay more attention to brushing our teeth and not overlooking oral problems. During the month because of changes in dietary habits, maternal eating more times, and there are a lot of high protein and high nutrition food, do not pay attention to gargle brushing teeth easy to make oral bacterial reproduction, thus oral diseases.

Puerpera should make sure to brush their teeth 1-2 times a day, but choose a soft toothbrush gently, it is recommended to rinse with warm boiled water after every meal. 3 days before delivery, when the physical strength has not yet recovered, it can be lightly brushed with index finger or winding gauze.

Many local customs, during the month diet may eat more meat, in order to better clean teeth, in addition to brushing teeth, you can also choose to floss, such a cleansing effect is more in place.

2. During the puerperium, you can take a bath.

Postpartum long time not to take a bath is also a habit that should be corrected. During the month sweating, and lochia plus milk, often make people feel sticky, and often feel that their body odor, greatly affecting the mood, is not conducive to postpartum recovery.

In addition, the quality of life is now improved, as long as do a good job of heating, the risk of postpartum shower cold is very low. Therefore, during the postpartum month is also appropriate bathing.

Bathing time is about 5-10 minutes or so, to avoid wounds and incisions, the best use of showers, indoor temperature should be well controlled, bathing time to dry water.

3. Change clothes during the puerperium.

New mothers because of physiological changes, sweating more, coupled with the influence of lochia, will inevitably dirty clothes, so, during the month must not be troublesome, in addition to bathing, but also diligently change underwear to ensure that the skin is clean.

In addition to the convenience of lactation, it is also necessary to absorb sweat and permeability.

4, during the puerperium, you can cut your nails.

The elderly believe that mothers can not cut nails, easy to “scissors wind.” As a matter of fact, there is no scissors wind at all.

New mothers can avoid this risk by cutting their nails in time because they want to take care of their babies, and nails that are too long can easily scratch the delicate skin of newborn babies. In addition, a large number of bacteria are found in the nails, which are also harmful to the health and health of the human body.


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