It is said that whether a man is good to you depends on his performance during your puerperium. Dear new dads, upgrade to be a dad. Don’t forget the hard-working wife when you are happy! Just after the birth, the next month is crucial for the recovery of the maternal body. The opportunity for the new father to perform well is here! However, many new dads have zero experience. It’s inevitable that they can’t do a good job of caring for their mothers and children, so they must do their homework in advance!

▍ advantages and disadvantages of new father’s service to the baby


1. Help to enhance the relationship between husband and wife

Only by taking care of his wife’s puerperal period, can he have a deeper understanding of his wife’s hard work. When the husband and wife experience the busy, sleepless and exhausted after adding new members to the family, they can understand each other more and work together to overcome the difficulties.

2. Help to cultivate parent-child relationship

The new father will serve the baby and spend more time with the baby. In this way, the baby can get familiar with the father faster, which is conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship.

3. Less conflict of ideas and less disturbance

The old generation’s concept of parenting conflicts with most young people. When the mother-in-law comes to take care of the baby, the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law is inevitably strained. The husband’s idea is generally similar to his own, with less contradictions. Moreover, he can give orders to him at will during the puerperium.


1. Lack of experience and care

When I was a father for the first time, my experience was hard to avoid. I was also rigid in waiting for my son. When encountering difficulties, we can only go online to ask for help. When dealing with urgent matters, we are all in a hurry. When you can’t find the answer online, you’re at a loss.

2. Impact on work

Generally, the paternity leave is not too long. Taking care of the baby will affect the husband’s work. If you have to take care of the baby at night, the mental state of going to work the next day will inevitably be poor, and the work efficiency will also decline.

▍ how can the new father better serve the baby?

It’s normal for the new father to serve his wife during the puerperium, but it’s necessary for him to do his homework in advance in order to serve his son better. In this way, he can avoid detours and the new mother can be more comfortable. The following should be noted!

1. Daily living

Generally speaking, six hours after delivery, 24 hours after cesarean section, the mother can hold the handrail or the wall for a little movement, and the husband should take the initiative to help. And assist his wife to do daily washing, getting out of bed, washing clothes and other daily chores.

2. Maternal diet

New mothers pay special attention to the diet during the puerperal period. The ingredients should be fresh, the meat and vegetable mix should be reasonable, and the nutritional requirements should be rich and diversified. Don’t forget that mothers need to drink more soup to have more milk. Can not only be limited to helping new mothers to fill their stomachs, eat nutrition at the same time to avoid eating taboos during the month.

3. Baby care

During the month, the wife needs more rest. The husband should share the work of baby care for the wife as much as possible, such as changing the baby’s diaper, holding the baby when he needs to. In this way, the wife has more time to rest and her body will recover faster.

4. Hospitality

Giving birth to a child is a major event. During the hospitalization, relatives and friends usually come to visit and congratulate. The visiting time of guests should not be too long. The husband should try to decline other guests who intend to visit, so that the mother has more time to rest. After discharge, it is more appropriate to visit the mother when she is in good health.

5. Emotional care

Just upgraded to a mother, may be difficult to adapt for a while, coupled with physical discomfort after childbirth, and easy to feel tired, which makes the new mother’s mood become unstable. Husband should accommodate his wife more, communicate with his wife more, and often enlighten her, so as to avoid postpartum depression.


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