After the baby is born successfully, the next is the “puerperium”, puerperium is particularly important for postpartum mothers. In the first few days of moonbirth, the new mother is still immersed in the joy of the baby’s arrival, and the pain and tiredness may not be deep enough. But after that, because of the loss of childbirth and the overdraft of caring for the baby for several consecutive days, the body gradually felt overwhelmed, and all kinds of hardship and tiredness gradually increased. At this time, the new mother to learn to release themselves, let the family also participate in the care of the baby, their own rest, the body can recover faster.

First, the pain and fatigue of the new mummy in the confinement.

@Rita: they carry their children in their own confinement. Although he was on maternity leave for a month, he couldn’t help anything, but the more he helped, the more he cried angrily at me several times.

@ stubborn girl: it’s not lying or holding a child. It’s aching and aching all over. I want to have a rest.

Calf: I’ve been taking care of my own baby since the tenth day after giving birth, and I can’t bear to look at the baby when the blade hurts.

Mark * 1987: The biggest feeling is less sleep, the baby is more annoying, always stay up in the middle of the night, a few days, their serious lack of sleep, really want to sleep no matter what.

Hourglass is not dead: My mother-in-law has been in charge of the baby for seven days, and now I have been taking care of the baby, no day no night, boil my eyes are black.

You know, the body is the money, only to maintain sufficient physical strength and vigorous energy to better care for the baby. Next, I’d like to introduce to you the busy and distressed mothers of the moon some “busy idle” small skills, in the “deep heat” of the need to rescue the mothers get up quickly!

Two, how can we save time and effort?

(1) use baby’s sleeping time to “steal”.

Baby’s sleep time is the most available whole time, the mother can use this whole time to sleep with the baby, full rest is very important for the new mother.

Moon Mommy fast asleep.

(1) Moon mothers can drink a cup of warm boiled water or hot milk 40 minutes before going to bed, which can play a sedative, hypnotic effect, but also can take a hot bath before going to bed to give their body and mind a full rest.

Comfortable light can regulate mommy’s mood and help sleep. Turn off all the other lights in the bedroom before going to bed and keep only a small night light. It’s best to use warm colors, and the warm yellow effect will be better.

(2) sorting and arranging well, housework saves time and effort.

It’s important for mothers to recover and keep fit during the month, but it’s okay to do some housework occasionally. It’s not advisable to do a lot of housework. Moms have to learn to play the role of every appliance and make them contribute to efficiency. Electric rice cooker, milk heater, induction cooker, washing machine, voltage cooker, etc. can be a good help for mother to save time when doing housework.

In addition, the storage of clothes should be sorted out, which can save a lot of time to find things.

(3) exercise your bones and muscles, and do exercises with your baby.

It’s a tiring job to take care of a baby when he’s awake! Let him eat and play with him. At this time, new mommy can also have a trick to steal.

When the baby is playing, the new mommy can exercise with the baby. For example, when a new mother caresses her baby, she may as well design some exercise exercises for herself, so that this period of time to undertake two functions.

For example, let your baby lie on your legs, doing sit-ups while entertaining the baby, or after recovery, let the baby lie on the blanket between your hands, practice push-ups, of course, it depends on the physical condition of the mother, do not force.

(4) take a breast-feeding break and try to make yourself comfortable.

Breastfeeding your baby is not a simple job. During the month, the mother needs to give her baby frequent breast-feeding, night up to take care of the baby, how to do when breast-feeding busy leisure, so that they can better relax?

New mothers can buy an electric sucker, although the price is a little more expensive than the usual manual, but it can save a lot of time for breast-fed mothers. Using more time and more rest will relax you a lot.

Set up a special place for breast-feeding babies, perhaps a comfortable sofa, with a TV remote, CD player, etc. beside you. This can be in breast-feeding, while listening to music, or watching television, relaxation, on the other hand, music and television sound can bring comfort to the baby, give him some beneficial hearing stimulation.

Three, learn to use external strength, do not support yourself alone.

(1) the economic conditions are good? Please help Yuesao.

If the economic conditions are still okay, you can consider asking your sister-in-law to help you, so that you have more time to rest. Yuexiu has basically received special training for baby care, feeding, mother’s puerperal care are very good. Novice Mommy can learn a lot from them about child care knowledge and life skills and avoid detours.

But asking for help from your sister-in-law isn’t all about letting go. It’s best for your mom to breast-feed and touch your baby. It helps your mom and your baby develop feelings.

Other things can be invited to help Yuesao. At this time, Mommy can have time to rest properly.

(2) it is better to invite the elderly at home.

Making full use of the conditions of grandpa, grandma or grandpa to help take care of children or household chores, so that they can perform their duties, mothers can also come to liberate themselves, so that they have more time to rest.

Mother-in-law to take care of the baby, mothers can rest assured that the puerperium, more focus on their own body. Many grandmothers like to hold their grandchildren all the time. In addition to eating and going to the bathroom, they hold them in their hands whenever they have time. Many mothers are used to sleeping with their babies. This greatly improves the quality of their sleep and gives mothers a better rest after childbirth.

(3) don’t be soft hearted! Husband help can not be less

Of course, the husband’s role is not just to provide a sperm, the child was born, caring for the father must be indispensable.

Maybe some mothers will say: Husband works late every day, comes home tired like a dead man, can not bear to let him do anything else. Another Mommy will say, “husband often goes on a business trip for ten and a half days. Even some Mommy will say, “my husband can’t do housework. Let him do some work to make me confused.”

It doesn’t matter if he comes home late. Let him choose to do something for you every morning, such as preparing your breakfast.

It doesn’t matter if he travels a lot. Let him see what else he needs to buy before he goes on a business trip. Buy it all at once and get the house ready before he leaves. Let him remember to buy gifts for you and your baby in the city where he’s traveling.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t do housework. I believe that the father who will not do housework will surf the Internet. With the addition of a new member of the family, all the family members of the new member’s clothing, food and shelter will be added. Let him go to the forum to see the stickers. Which brand of urine is good? How many bags can NB store enough? Then slowly discuss these things with yourself and save yourself snacks.

Many new mothers in the puerperium, always abandon their families do not do a good job, feel everywhere is not desirable, mood has become irritable, but not conducive to physical recovery. A lot of times, maybe just because the baby just arrived, the mother does not adapt, everything about the baby hope is the best, the requirements are very high. But taking care of the baby is not an easy thing.


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