Delivery will consume a lot of physical strength and vitality of new mothers, so puerperium is needed in order to recover as soon as possible. If the moon does not sit well, it will bury potential health hazards to the body. If a new mother wants to have a healthy puerperium, she should pay attention to every detail of the month.

Spring is quietly leaving and early summer is coming. In summer, when the weather is hot and mosquitoes are abundant, the puerperium becomes more troublesome. For the sake of their own health and baby’s health, in addition to basic postpartum care, ensure dietary nutrition and regular work and rest, but also to avoid taboos in the month.


As the weather gets hotter and hotter, mosquitoes begin to emerge, and delicate babies are undoubtedly mosquito’s favorite. Mosquitoes buzz in their ears and “commit crimes” from time to time, which makes the new mother really unbearable. Thus, mosquito incense was lit, originally only to protect the baby from mosquito bites, but failed to bear is the harm to the baby.

Because mosquito incense burning can produce harmful substances, the ultrafine particles contained in mosquito cigarettes inhaled into the lungs may cause asthma and other diseases, which is harmful to the health of babies.

In the face of mosquito attacks, although it is not suitable to use mosquito incense to fight back efficiently, we can take effective measures to defend against them. There are many safe mosquito killing solutions claimed to be suitable for mothers and infants on the market, but the quality of products is often difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the article with good air permeability is suitable for mosquito control, which is safe and effective.

2 taboos: stay in air conditioning room for a long time

Although it is only April now, many of the southern companions have been heated to turn on air-conditioning. Some friends even sent circles of friends to express their gratitude to Willis Kelly, the father of air conditioning. Whether it’s really grateful or for funny purposes, air conditioning is really helpful in the hot summer, it can cool your restless heart instantly.

However, people always like to close doors and windows when they turn on air-conditioning for fear that the “cool air” will run away and waste electricity. But in airtight air-conditioned rooms, air quality will decline, bacteria and viruses are easier to reproduce, and make people feel uncomfortable or ill.

New mothers and babies should not stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. Even if air conditioning is used, windows should be opened frequently to ensure the convective exchange of indoor and outdoor air. After turning on the air conditioner for 1-3 hours, you can turn off the air conditioner, open doors and windows to let in fresh outdoor air, and exhaust the indoor air. Nevertheless, when opening doors and windows, it should be noted that new mothers during puerperium should try to avoid vents and do not blow into the wind.

Three taboos: sleeping bamboo mat

When summer comes, I really think about where to stay. It’s natural to say that cooling is in the air-conditioned room. Bamboo mat is a good helper to make the air-conditioned room cooler. The touch of bamboo mat is cool. Under the effect of air-conditioning, sleeping on it is more refreshing. New mothers in summer puerperium are weak, too cool bamboo mat is liable to be cold, not suitable for puerpera.

If it’s too hot to fall asleep, a new mother might as well try an ice mat. Ice silk mat made of ice silk and high quality natural plant fibers has the characteristics of natural cooling and breathability. Although the ice silk mat is not as cool as the bamboo mat, it will not feel hot when sleeping on it, nor too cold when sleeping with air conditioner. It is very suitable for new mothers and babies in puerperium.

In addition to avoiding the three taboos mentioned above, new mothers in summer puerperium should drink warm boiled water to supplement the water taken away by sweating. If the weather is too hot and the appetite is poor, you can drink some soup to dispel summer heat. Don’t drink cold drinks greedily.


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