Since I became a mother, I always feel so tired that I can’t get enough sleep. Baby’s daily eating and drinking of Lhasa, which should be careful, even when he is playing also need to pay attention to, for fear that one does not pay attention, there will be problems.

In addition to hard work, there are a lot of labors at home, especially mopping the floor. It’s too south… In order to save myself, I began to do my homework and found that there are actually many scientific and technological products, all for a better life. So, I started to buy. First, I started from the sweeper robot and studied the following key points of purchase:

I. detection system – laser navigation gyro navigation recommended

For this kind of technical product, the more expensive it is, the better it is

The price is expensive, which is directly reflected in higher configuration, better performance and more intelligent. But it also depends on whether we can use the function matched by this price, which is the so-called cost performance.

Several kinds of navigation systems on the market recommend laser navigation. The only disadvantage is expensive. Secondly, it is recommended to use gyroscope for navigation, which is quite cost-effective, although sometimes it is not very accurate.

2. Path planning – irregular or according to instructions

What’s the ghost of path planning? In fact, it’s a sweeper robot. Do you have a map in your mind that you can move and walk regularly instead of rushing around and walking around.

This is a very advanced method. Path planning involves algorithm. Advanced algorithm can make robot become an excellent old driver.

The specific algorithm, mothers do not have to work hard to remember. Just ask customer service or shopping guide, is the sweeping path of this sweeping robot optional? Or can I move the sweeping according to my settings?

In fact, the above two points are basically the core value of the sweeper robot, and the key to whether the floor can be cleaned! Then, consider other fancy additional functions, or the sweeper can’t be clean, and what’s the use of it? So, even if it’s a technological product, remember that these two points will no longer be ignored.

Here’s the purchase strategy of the sweeper robot. Collect them and make notes. Next time, you can buy the sweeper robot that is easy to use. I hope mothers can free their hands and leave more time for themselves and their children.


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