Husband! You come over and “Guoguo finally can’t help calling her husband who is chatting with the guests in the living room into the room. Husband entered the house, found that fruit face is not right, hurry up to ask the situation.

“When are your friends leaving? They are so noisy outside that their babies are afraid to sleep.” Guoguo airway. Husband took a look at the baby in Guoguo’s bosom and slapped his head. “Forget about it just because of the excitement. I’ll take them out right away.” Soon, Guoguo brought all the guests downstairs to the teahouse to talk about the past.

During the month, a healthy and comfortable living environment is very important for both mothers and babies. During the puerperium, for the sake of their own health and the baby’s health, mothers try not to meet these three kinds of people, in order to avoid embarrassment.

1. The sick

During the month, not only the baby’s body is very fragile, but also the mother’s body is recovering. At this time, the baby’s body immunity is very low. If the mother is sick, the baby may be infected. If the mother is sick, the baby is also very difficult to escape. Therefore, it is better for the mother not to see the sick person in the month, especially the infectious patient. If it is a family member, try to separate it from space, so that special meals can be used to prevent the spread of the virus.

2. Naughty children

The naughty bear child is difficult to discipline, and it’s hard to guess what his next move will be, which will cause endless trouble to his busy mother and family. So during the month, relatives and friends should not take naughty bear children to visit the mothers and newborns, so as not to affect the rest of the mothers and newborns.

3. noisy relatives

Babies without full moon sleep for nearly 18 hours a day. If the external environment is too noisy, it will disturb the baby’s sleep and affect the normal development of the baby. So if you encounter noisy relatives, they must be removed as soon as possible, so that the baby can sleep in a relatively quiet environment, in order to avoid affecting the baby and their rest.

Maternal puerperium, because maternal and newborn babies need rest. You think visiting is a good thing, but it can be a burden for a pregnant woman. But as a maternal and her family must learn to refuse too much visits!

So how to refuse visits from relatives and friends?

Although relatives and friends come to visit their mothers and newborn babies out of goodwill, many mothers, for their own sake and for the sake of their babies, will politely refuse to visit people. Visitors are full of enthusiasm. How can we refuse as mothers?

1. Notify in advance

It’s very popular to send out friends nowadays. Mothers can have a circle of friends after giving birth: “It’s not convenient to see people during puerperium. When the month is over, please come and have fun.” So Mom won’t be embarrassed.

2. Refusal on the grounds of constitution

If mom wants to refuse visitors to visit, she can tell them that the doctor says that your constitution is a bit weak, you’d better rest during the month, and then invite them warmly to come home and play during the month. In this way, it gives them the feeling that their mother does not want them to come because she is not in good health, not because she does not welcome them. The last warm invitation is crucial.

If you want to visit, you need to pay attention to these.

If my mother is in good health, I want friends and relatives to visit me. The mother should be prepared in advance and make an appointment with friends to visit, which is good for both mother and baby. For visitors, we should also pay attention to these two points, do not let care become a burden.

1. Call your mother and ask when it’s convenient for her.

Mothers may not take care of themselves during their motherhood. As mentioned above, the way to send a circle of friends notification is the same. Mother can add a sentence “squeak before visiting, my baby and I are ready to meet you”. That mom also has time to tidy up a little, mood can also be better.

2. Visiting time is 1 or 2 weeks after delivery.

Mommy, who has just given birth, is tired and needs rest. If friends and relatives come to visit too early, the mother will greet the nagging, which will make the mother more tired. Friends and relatives inquire about the visiting time, preferably after the mother has given birth to a child 1 or 2 weeks later.

Mothers, who do you think is the most annoying person during the month? Have you ever met such a guest? Welcome to share your views with you.


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