My friend Xiaoya is busy preparing things for the month recently. Because she is going back to her hometown for the puerperal period, shopping is not so convenient, so she wants to be as ready as possible.

But when she checked on the Internet what to prepare for the puerperal period, it was completely difficult! Every mother’s recommendation is different. Everything is ready. It seems that the trunk of the car can’t fit. What can I do?

In order to avoid mothers stepping on the pit, I’d like to share with you next, prepare 6 key items in advance, and the puerperal period can be more relaxed.

I. tableware

Bottle: 2

One large (240ml), one small (150ml), wide mouth glass is easy to clean. (for pure breastfeeding, there is no need for a bottle within 4 months; you can also prepare 2 more bottles, after all, sometimes you are too busy to wash the bottle)

Bottle brush (1): it’s not too convenient to brush the inside of the bottle, and it can also protect the bottle.

Bottle heat preservation bag (1): used for heat preservation when going out.

Milk warmer (1): I bought this one. I get up in the winter to feed my milk, which can reduce the jumping of chickens, flying dogs and jumping dogs for a while.

Sucking utensil (1): the bilateral electric sucking utensil I bought is very comfortable in saving time. It’s too uncomfortable when milking. It can help a lot.

2. Bath

1 bath basin, 2 washbasins, 2 large towels for body cleaning and at least 10 small towels.

The big towel can be used not only for body cleaning, but also as a small quilt, with high practicability. Small towels can be used to wash buttocks and wipe mouth respectively, and the ones that wipe mouth are smaller. It is recommended that mothers buy gauze towels, which dry faster and wash softer.

III. clothing

Clothes (3 sets): monk robe, medium size, long sleeve (can buy larger)

Pants (3 pairs): medium and long, (no pants for the first two months, diaper bag can be used instead)

Baby socks (3 pairs), hat (2 pieces), umbilical cord (3 pieces), saliva shoulder (5 pieces), small size 3 pieces, medium size 2 pieces, diapers (small size 2 bags)

Experience: in terms of clothes, because babies often spit and sweat, it’s no harm to prepare two more pants; in case of no diaper bag, two more pants can be prepared to prevent insufficient use; in terms of hat, it’s just for the sake of looking good, not too much, and friends may give it to you; babies often spit, so prepare some drool shoulders. If it’s dirty, you can immediately Wash it. Replace it now.

IV. bedding

Small bed (1), small quilt (2), cushion (2), small mosquito net (1 set)

Experience: I bought a small wooden bed, which can be fixed or shaken. My baby likes sleeping. However, some mothers also say that the baby’s small bed is too chicken ribs, which can be used to pile clothes in two days. So, whether you buy it or not depends on yourself. Mosquito net is a must.

5. Food

Milk powder (1 bag)

Experience: be prepared. Just gave birth to a baby may not really have milk, baby to eat! Hospitals are very expensive to buy, so it’s better to prepare some for yourself.

Vi. used

Bottle cleanser, baby shampoo, body lotion, talcum powder, hip care cream (necessary), antipyretic stickers, diapers, cotton swabs, absorbent cotton, 75% disinfectant alcohol (the latter three can be prescribed by a doctor)

Experience: what we should remind you is that baby’s things should be distinguished from adult’s, such as bath gel and washing liquid; in addition, if baby takes a bath every day, it can be washed with clear water, and it is not dirty; also, it should be noted that the baby in the month uses Nb (newborn baby) code, and the baby out of the month uses s (small) code, so NB code doesn’t need to be stored too much.

All in all, it’s the baby’s sanitary products, sanitary napkins, diapers, and clothes that need to be changed. As for the supplies when the baby eats complementary food, we are not in a hurry for the time being. Let’s buy them when the baby is older.


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