Older generations often say “big buttocks, good health”, Lili has also been convinced that her big buttocks will be able to add points for natural birth, never thought, pain for more than 30 hours, and eventually it was dissected. How to nurse the wound after cesarean section? This left Lili and Dad with no preparation for a Caesarean section at a loss. Don’t worry. Make up for the nursing knowledge of the cesarean section wound.

· How to care for wounds within 24 hours after cesarean section?

Caesarean section is a knife that can’t be taken lightly. The first six hours after the cesarean section, the new mother should lie flat, not pillow, while the head tilted to one side, because the cesarean section with anesthetics, such a sleeping position, can prevent headache, can also prevent vomit aspiration.

After six hours, you can sleep on the pillow, but you need to turn over and change your position from time to time. At this time, it is more comfortable to sleep in a semi-recumbent position than in a supine position, which can relieve the vibration and traction pain of the wound when the body moves, and is also conducive to the discharge of hematocele in the uterine cavity.

Within 24 hours after cesarean section, the new mother will feel pain, especially when the anesthetic effect disappears. If your endurance is good, you can usually grind your teeth and get through it. It’s better not to use analgesics, because analgesics can affect the recovery of intestinal peristalsis and are not conducive to breast-feeding. If the pain is unbearable, ask the doctor for help.

Caesarean section will inevitably cause sweating pain, sweat around the wound should be wiped off in time, so as not to stimulate the wound with sweat and add to the pain. In addition, do not focus on the baby’s body, to regularly check the new mother abdominal knife dressing bleeding, if abnormal, to inform the doctor in time. You know, if the wound is not properly cared for, it will easily inflame, which will only make you more painful.

· How to nurse the wound after cesarean section?

Caesarean section wounds can be removed 5-7 days after operation, if absorbable thread is used, no need to remove thread. However, full recovery usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, during which time the wound should be carefully cared for.

The new mother can’t bathe before the wound is removed, and the abdominal wound must not touch water, so keep the wound dry and clean. Postpartum sweating, can not take a bath is a very painful thing, then wipe your body with warm water, change clothes frequently. Usually, after a week, you can take a shower, but you still need to take waterproof measures. If the wound gets wet accidentally, you should dry it immediately and disinfect the wound to avoid infection.

· How to prevent cesarean scar proliferation?

Do not remove the scab from the wound prematurely. Forced removal of scab prematurely will remove the epidermal cells that are staying at the repair stage, even tear the dermal tissue, and stimulate the itching of the wound. In addition, the wound of caesarean section should avoid direct sunlight and prevent ultraviolet stimulation leading to pigmentation.

About two to three weeks after the operation, the scar began to proliferate, local redness, purple, hardening and protruding the skin surface. After 3-6 months, fibrous tissue proliferation ceased gradually, and scar became soft, dark brown and itchy. At this time, do not grab it, and do not use hot water to stop itching, in order to avoid aggravating local irritation. Can be under the guidance of the doctor, smear some external medication.


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