It is said that a good confinement will be of great benefit to a woman’s life in the future. However, if the confinement is not good, it will be accompanied by various diseases, which will affect the whole life. Therefore, for the older generation, pay special attention to the new mother’s month, so there are many taboos in the month!

“At the beginning of the puerperium, the family invited the moon sister-in-law, and her mother-in-law was also helping to take care of her. So I’m comfortable most of the time except for feeding. Sometimes I can’t sleep. I play with my cell phone and watch TV for a while. But that day, my mother-in-law saw that she said that she could not play with her mobile phone and watch TV during her confinement, which was bad for her eyes and would leave behind her sequelae. She might be dazzled before she got old, and she had to let me go to bed. “

You can’t play with your mobile phone, read books, or watch TV. Every day, you can only take your baby to sleep, or you can eat and eat. For the people in the month, it’s really “loveless”. So is that really the case?

During the month, you can play with your mobile phone and watch TV

After a woman gives birth to a child, her body is very weak. If she does not have a good rest in the month, she will fall ill. Do not allow to play mobile phones and watch TV, mainly to allow maternal full rest, avoid fatigue.

Nowadays, computers, televisions and mobile phones have become indispensable entertainment and communication tools in people’s lives. The boring confinement life can’t go out and can’t do other things. If you don’t even have the simplest entertainment activities, it’s easy to cause maternal mental illness, such as postpartum depression.

Therefore, you can watch mobile phones or TV during the month, just be moderate. Don’t sit or keep a posture inactive all the time, and don’t watch or play all night long, or your eyesight will drop in a straight line.

How to use mobile phone correctly in the month of birth?

Do not use eyes for too long. After giving birth to the baby, the mother’s eyes will not change, such as eyesight, falling disease, etc., these are sensational statements. But after all, postpartum needs enough rest time and recuperation time, so postpartum should rest more.

Pay attention to eye hygiene. Don’t spend too much time watching cell phones and TV. As long as you feel your eyes are a little sour or dry, you should take a rest immediately. When watching the computer, pay attention to maintain at least 30 cm distance, watching TV to maintain a distance of about two meters.

Can’t cry in the month, cry easily blind?

“Don’t cry in the month. If you cry too much, you will be blind.” To be honest, no mother hasn’t cried during her puerperium, has she? Did not secretly shed a few tears, may be sitting in a false month.

Many mothers must have experienced tears in the month. It’s OK to shed tears occasionally, but not for a long time. Women who have just given birth to children are very weak, and can not be stimulated more, such as excitement, crying, or they are easy to be hurt, so are their eyes, which may cause discomfort.

Novice mothers in the month because of fatigue, worry, role not changed, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and other reasons, psychological and emotional easily affected, it is inevitable that tears will appear. Although postpartum crying will not become blind, but the family still need more understanding, more understanding and help to help eliminate anxiety and depression.

In short, puerperal period properly play mobile phone to watch TV, won’t be over! On the contrary, it can help to relieve the tension and anxiety, and help to regulate the mood. But pay attention to, can’t play mobile phone without restraint, lest affect eye health. In addition, tears in the month is also a kind of emotional catharsis, novice mothers do not need to worry too much, but should pay attention to learn to use more correct and effective ways to resolve emotions.


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