Just send a wave of cold air, and usher in a new round of cold air. Winter puerperium, the most afraid of cold, and the new mother after childbirth weak body, poor resistance, the most difficult to resist the attack of cold air, slightly inadvertently easy to have a cold and fever, not only their own suffering but also worried about infecting their babies, so the new mother winter puerperium should pay attention to cold and warm, focusing on the following three aspects!

1. Attention: keep indoor temperature and humidity.

The key point of winter “puerperium” is to keep warm. In the south where there is no heating, air conditioning and electric heating can be used to maintain indoor temperature, and for the dry north, maintaining indoor humidity is also very important.

Indoor air should be fresh.

Every day to ensure that the window ventilation 2 times (up and afternoon), 15~20 minutes each time. When changing the air, transfer the new mother and baby to another room first. After ventilation, the new mother and baby will be returned after the room is restored to the appropriate temperature.

Indoor temperature should be 20 to 25 degrees. Avoid high and low.

Indoor humidity should be 55% to 65%.

A more convenient way to increase humidity is to buy a humidifier, which is better if it also has a germicidal function, or to put a basin of water indoors, or sprinkle some water on the ground, or use a wet mop to mop the floor several times a day to increase humidity (be careful not to let the woman slip off the bed). In order to understand indoor humidity at any time, you can purchase a hygrometer.

Two, pay attention to: do not catch cold in winter bathing.

Bathing is a big problem during the cold winter season, especially for new mothers with many taboos on postpartum weakness. Winter bathing, must be closed room shelter, the bathroom should be warm, bathing, especially pay attention to the appropriate temperature of water, strict windproof, cold and virtual.

Water temperature should be about 37 degrees Celsius or slightly warmer. Bathing time should not be too long, with 5~10 minutes.

The bathroom heating equipment such as bath baths can be opened in advance, and the indoor temperature will be adjusted to 20 C before entering.

Bathing must take a shower and not sit in the bath. Dry your body as soon as possible after washing. Put on your cold-proof clothes in time and then walk out of the bathroom to avoid getting cold or being blown by the wind. Pay attention to oral hygiene. Rinse the mouthwash with warm water.

Avoid sweating when washing. Excessive sweating can cause dizziness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Avoid contact with cold water, so as not to cause abdominal pain and irregular menstruation, body pain and so on.

Three, pay attention to: do not suffer from cold at night.

New mothers are weak after childbirth, and they are more afraid of cold. In addition, mothers have to get up at night to feed their babies, which makes them more susceptible to cold. Puerpera mothers must pay special attention to keeping warm during the winter puerperium. Women who have just given birth to babies sweat easily, so winter puerperal clothing must be comfortable to sweat and keep warm.

The clothes and trousers should choose loose, soft and comfortable cotton or woolen long clothes and trousers, in order to maintain a pleasant mood and good stimulation to the baby’s visual development, you can also choose some colorful, lively home clothes.

Postpartum mammary duct is open, in order to avoid obstruction of mammary duct, bra should choose pure cotton fabric, at the same time, it is best equipped with open pajamas and sweaters to facilitate breast-feeding.

Can wear underwear with retraction effect and postpartum corset pants, to facilitate the restoration of uterine position and postpartum self-cultivation. Wearing a long, high waist trousers can wrap the whole abdomen and protect the navel.

“Cold is born from feet”, so it is advisable to wear cotton socks and thick bottom soft shoes. Prepare a nightgown by the bedside, and get up in the middle of the night to avoid cold.

Since postpartum pores are open and sweaty, underwear should be replaced daily. In winter, the temperature difference between morning and evening varies greatly. Clothes should be added or subtracted to prevent colds. The soaked clothes should be changed in time. When washing clothes, it is best to insolate in the sun to achieve the effect of sterilization.

Although the winter puerperium is easy to catch cold, but the new mother also do not worry about too much and cover themselves too solid, cold and warm is important, but too much cover will also have “covered out of the disease”, to scientific puerperium.


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