Many people think that the puerperium in winter is much better than in summer. On the one hand, they don’t have to endure high temperature and heat. On the other hand, they don’t have to worry about mosquito bites. They stay in warm rooms, comfortable and comfortable.

Is that true?

Many people have come to believe that there is a need for patience in both summer and winter puerperium. Take the winter puerperium for example, warmth must be the most critical, in addition to pay attention to some easily overlooked things.

1. Indoor environment should be warm and moist

Generally speaking, it is advisable to control the indoor temperature in winter at 20 ~25 C. In the south, air conditioning or heating equipment can be used to maintain the indoor temperature. Indoor humidity should be noted, about 55% – 65% is appropriate, you can prepare a humidifier in the room.

In addition, even in winter, we should open windows properly to ventilate and keep indoor air circulation. However, it should be noted that when ventilated, mothers and babies can go to another room to stay, should not be in the convective wind.

2. Wear warm clothes well

During puerperium in winter, we should pay special attention to the warmth of head, legs, feet and waist and abdomen, and it is likely that the root of the disease will fall after catching a cold. Therefore, in addition to the indoor environment to be warm during the Moon Festival, we should also pay attention to wearing.

Choose cotton clothes. During the month, mothers sweat more, and it is impossible to bathe every day, so it is necessary to change clean clothes frequently. Cotton clothes have better comfort, sweat absorption and air permeability, which are more suitable for mothers, and generally have good warmth retention. Novice mothers stay at home for a long time, usually wearing special monthly clothes, convenient for breast feeding, so clothing must be both easy to wear and comfortable clothes.

In the middle of the month, it is inevitable to get up and feed milk several times, so it is necessary to prepare a thicker nightgown, which is convenient to wear and can effectively avoid cold.

Pay attention to foot warmth. Cold from the foot of this sentence must be understood by everyone, cold feet are not easy to warm the whole body, so novice mothers should also pay attention to foot warmth during the month. Can prepare a pair of indoor moonshoes for winter wear, anti-skid is generally good, convenient for mothers to take dolls indoors.

In addition, even indoors, it is recommended to wear thick cotton socks.

Novice mothers should also pay attention to the fact that they are not advised to wear tight clothes during the month. Underwear should also be changed every day. Underwear and bodywear with body-closing effect can be selected appropriately, which can protect the navel and help to restore the position of uterus.

3. Attention should be paid to personal hygiene

Postpartum shower, teeth brushing and hair washing! Generally speaking, if you recover well, you will be able to take a bath 2-5 days after delivery, but shower is not recommended. Mothers who have caesarean section can do it later and wipe themselves with a towel first. Warm water is recommended for brushing teeth.

Whether bathing or shampooing after delivery, we must pay attention to the temperature in the bathroom. In addition, we should also pay attention to the need to quickly dry and blow-dry after bathing and shampooing to prevent catching cold.

In addition, clothes should be changed diligently, sheets and bedclothes should also be changed and cleaned in time, preferably once a week.


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