What make complaints about the life buoy on the belly of the mother is that she has often been able to laugh at her husband’s life. Looking back on her figure before she was pregnant, I would probably have a melancholy feeling that “the sky is grey, the water is cold, and the strong man will never return.”.

However, how about that? Many mothers think, “it’s all mothers. Take care of children and work. Life is in a mess. How can you manage your weight?”

But, don’t you have time for ge you to lie on the sofa with your mobile phone, and unconsciously an hour or two has passed? After brushing up the TV series, you can’t even move your position?

If you want to get back in shape as soon as possible after birth, you can’t just daydream, or put it into practice. As long as you have the belief of “be thin”, you can start from anywhere!

1) use the commute

Usually used to go to and from work using a variety of walking tools, close to the company’s mother can walk, low carbon environmental protection, fat reduction, but also conducive to health. A little farther away, use bicycles instead of electric cars, motorcycles, buses, etc. According to statistics, people weighing 75 kg can lose half a kilogram of weight when riding 73 miles at 9.5 miles an hour, but they must persevere every day. Moreover, cycling helps to accelerate blood circulation, the brain absorbs more oxygen, and also helps to inhale more fresh air, which promotes a happy mood.

2) make reasonable use of the time of bringing baby

If you can’t get rid of it, you can lose weight by playing parent-child games with your child. Running, jumping and lifting can achieve the purpose of exercise anytime and anywhere. It can not only help improve parent-child relationship, but also reduce weight.

3) using fragment time

In your spare time, don’t rush to brush your mobile phone and TV series. You can follow the music to yoga or do some simple body exercises. You can find all kinds of gymnastics on the Internet. They are easy to operate and do not take up time. They can also have good targeted effects. They are just good friends for mothers to lose weight. The following is my commonly used weight-loss exercises, mom can refer to it.

1. Relax and lie on the ground with your feet together and your hands on the ground on both sides of your body. Inhale and tighten your abdominal muscles. Lift your feet up and bend your knees. Lift your hands straight and upward. Lift your head up with your hands and feet. Keep breathing naturally. Feel the contraction and tension of body muscles. Keep breathing for about 10-20 breaths. Then relax your muscles, head and four Lower the legs slowly.

2. Keep your feet together and straight, keep your hands flat, tighten your abdominal muscles, inhale, lift your hands up, and pull your upper body up. Keep your back and ground at an angle of 30 degrees. Keep breathing naturally. Keep breathing for about 10-20 breaths.

3. Keep the lifting angle of 30 degrees unchanged, keep the feet straight and upward, keep a distance of 45 degrees from the ground, then straighten your right foot, bend your left foot, hold your left knee with both hands, and keep breathing naturally, and keep about 10 ~ 20 breaths. Then repeat on the other side.

4. Inhale, straighten your legs, hands also toward the top of the head, straight forward, shoulder and neck parts remain unchanged, action adhere to 10 ~ 20 breaths or so.

5. Then, bend your legs with your abdominal muscles, take back your hands, and keep your thighs and upper body as close as possible. Curl up your body, hold your legs with both hands, lower your head, and keep breathing naturally. Keep breathing for about 10 ~ 20 times.

6. Straighten the legs, bend the left foot on the ground, straighten the right foot upward, extend both arms forward, and keep parallel with the right foot. Keep breathing about 10 ~ 20 times, and then repeat the action for another time.

Don’t always make complaints about time. If you want, time will give in to you. Fat loss at the same time, it also helps to adjust the body and mind, will not let you feel tired, but more conducive to open up the mood oh.


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