The baby’s crying, endless diapers, the new mother’s recovery, everything may have slowly dissipated the passion of the new parents, and the two have already become the most familiar strangers. But sex is an indispensable “delicacy” in marriage. New parents want to stimulate sexual interest again, enhance mutual feelings, and add some fatal “seasoning” – mandarin duck bath.

Some prerequisites for taking mandarin duck bath

   ❤ coordination

Human beings are born with the factor of liking new things, because unchanging things do make people feel boring, which is also applicable to the sexual life of new parents. The word “keep fresh” is very suitable for the sexual life between husband and wife. Both parties need to actively cooperate and try to have sexual intercourse in a new bad place, which will greatly improve the sexual interest and make the sexual life between husband and wife lasting.

   ❤ romantic

Choose a night to ensure that you are not disturbed, and prepare some candles, petals, aromatherapy, essential oils, bath salts, bathrobes, etc. Light the candle, fill the bathtub with water, and sprinkle bath salt into the bathtub (if new parents like to take a shower, they can skip the two steps of bathtub). With aromatherapy and some music, new parents snuggle up to each other or gently touch each other, you can chat and slowly immerse in this special moment for you.

   ❤ passion

The new father can go to the bathroom or bathtub first and welcome the new mother to his chest. At this time, we can get better in some ways, such as kissing each other’s neck or washing each other’s body, appropriate massage and other behaviors will make both sides’ body and mind reach a relaxed state.

After these ForePlays, new parents can make love in the way they like as before.


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