Do you make it? The condoms that we usually use to "protect the safety" actually have a lot of unqualified ones.

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According to the website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, in 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine organized the national entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions to conduct supervision and spot checks on the quality and safety of imported condom products. Last year, a total of 133 batches of imported condoms were randomly selected and 43 batches were found to be unqualified. The unqualified detection rate was 32.3%.

▏ These brands are not qualified

The inspection involved many brands such as Okamoto, No. 6 Sense, Shangpai, Dulux, True SEX, etc. The main unqualified reasons were unqualified blasting volume and pressure before aging and unqualified packaging and marking.

▏ These items are unqualified

According to the statistical results, the unqualified items detected include: blasting capacity before aging (21 batches, accounting for 48.8%); packaging and signs (20 batches, accounting for 46.5%); blasting pressure before aging (4 batches, Package percentage (9.3%); package integrity (3 batches, accounting for 7.0%); pinholes (3 batches, accounting for 7.0%); visible defects (2 batches, 4.7%) (Note: the same product may be involved at the same time) Many failed).

How do you pick the right set?

Scared? It turned out to be safe. As a result, the little thing itself is unqualified. What should I do? Don't worry, let's teach you to choose a quality set. Please learn these little skills.

Look at quality

☑Premium condoms: milky white or slightly yellowish (except colored condoms); uniform texture; super strong toughness and ductility; refreshing touch, good wettability, no brittleness, yellowing; No deformation after rebound.

Inferior quality condoms: Adding other substances, it is easier to make it brittle and aging, and it may cause allergies to users. Condoms with patterns, threads, etc., are relatively easy to break.

Inferior quality double-insurance condoms, most of which are effective in reducing the risk of accidental conception by adding a certain spermicide, but it also stimulates and damages the mucous membranes, increasing the chance of infection, and is not very safe. Therefore, carefully purchase such condoms. .

Look at the packaging

1 packaging pattern:

☑ High-quality condoms: In order to maintain the image of its brand-name products, it is generally not to use very explicit or hot patterns and words, but try to be more subtle or neutral.

Inferior condoms: To attract the attention of consumers, they tend to adopt some very lyrical or even vulgar packaging designs.

2 packaging printing quality:

☑Premium brand-name condoms: beautifully printed and clear;

Poor quality condoms: The outer box is either inferior in paper or blurred in printing.

3 outer packaging:

High-quality condoms: The outer packaging should at least include condom specifications (such as color, tip shape, thread type, etc.) and the number of condoms installed (generally domestically produced condoms are 10 per box, and the high-priced varieties are also loaded with 12; imported condoms) 12 per box), the nominal width of the condom, the name of the manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, the expiration date, the manufacturer's reference mark (eg lot number, etc.), storage guide, condom model (dry type or Lubricated type, if it is lubricated, whether its lubricant kills), etc.;

Poor quality condoms: no or incomplete.

☛ Shelf life issue

Generally speaking, the condoms that are shipped between one year and two years are most suitable for use. The sleeves of more than three years are easy to be brittle, the texture is also slightly embarrassed, and the lubrication effect is greatly reduced. The shelf life of condoms is generally five years, and the addition of drugs is three years.

☛Identification authenticity

Product packaging: The product name, specification, registered trademark, factory name, quantity, production date and instructions for use should be indicated on the small box; the inner packaging should indicate the product name, specification, trademark and factory name.

Quality standards: Domestic products should meet the GB7544 standard; imported products should comply with the international ISO4047 standard.

☛Use/storage precautions

Use and selection: Condoms are divided into three models according to diameter, and most people are suitable for using a 33mm medium condom. It can also be used with nonoxynol to enhance contraception and disease prevention.

Precautions for storage: The condom should be free from high heat, strong light and oil lubricants to avoid the accelerated aging strength of the rubber. Note that the expiration date should not be reused.


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