After giving birth to the baby, for the sake of mothers’ health, contraceptive measures must be taken after childbirth. Contraceptive measures have their own advantages, but parents often encounter a problem: “they think they have a very guaranteed contraceptive method, and finally they got caught!”

The first reason for this problem is that most contraceptive measures are not 100%, and it is possible to get caught occasionally. However, most of the couples who were recruited were not defeated by chance, but because of the wrong understanding or operation of contraceptive measures. Without much to say, today I’ll find out those contraceptive misunderstandings that are easy to be recruited for your parents.

No contraception before menstruation

Before menstruation, many couples like to take this period of time as a “safe period” and have sex without taking any contraceptive measures. This understanding is unscientific. According to survey statistics, about 1 / 3 of nursing mothers will get pregnant before menstruation recovers. Menstruation does not come, does not mean that the body does not ovulate. Postpartum mothers generally start menstruation after ovulation. They regard the period before menstruation as a “safe period”, and it is unreliable not to take contraception.

Prefer safe period contraception

Safe period contraception is the favorite method of contraception for many couples, because it does not need cost and no measures. It is absolutely convenient and simple. However, the contraceptive success rate in the safe period is correspondingly not high, only 76% – 95%, and the probability of being recruited is still relatively large.

Moreover, because the safety period is calculated according to the law of menstruation. New mothers are very prone to irregular menstrual cycles within one year after giving birth, so it becomes more difficult to calculate the ovulation period with menstruation. Therefore, during the “safe period” lactation, the safety is greatly reduced. Mothers should not take risks easily.

Lucky to use external ejaculation for contraception

Sometimes sex is impulsive, and contraception may be ignored. Some couples think that when sexual climax is about to ejaculate, quickly withdraw the penis from the vagina to prevent semen from entering the vagina.

In fact, men already have a small amount of sperm outflow before ejaculation, which is enough to make women pregnant. Moreover, this way extremely needs the man’s self-control, is not easy to master, and the failure rate is very high.


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