Recently, a pure love film “fifty degrees grey” is about to be released. Men and women in the streets are talking about this problem. What is the story? In fact, it is the sex game of domineering hero and innocent heroine! Sex game is actually a manifestation of love for business.

Emotional intelligence quotient financial quotient so easy, love quotient must pay attention to!

What is love business? After marriage, are you no longer passionate? Are couples who have children destined to be dull? Many couples lack creativity and freshness in their sexual life, and fall into the dull relationship of “left hand holding right hand” early, which is the manifestation of insufficient “love of business”.

If you still stay in the stage where “sex game” is the standard configuration of an island action film, it shows that you are really conservative and very old-fashioned. If you dare to try a little, if you dare a little, you will find that the intimate life Duang, Duang, Duang is different in an instant

Even the clinicians of the sex specialty said that the sex games in the bedroom will be an unexpected “adhesive”, which can revive the dull relationship of “left hand holding right hand” between partners.

If you also start to pay attention to the sexual well-being index and are willing to make positive efforts for personal sexual well-being, you should look carefully. A survey of sex toys for couples

1. Sex games, a visual impact and spiritual flirtation

Take off your usual five lectures and four beauties lingerie, put on your sexy lingerie, and give him a big surprise… Cheer for the women who take the initiative to cheer for the intimate life in the bedroom!

Sex game = a special foreplay

In fact, the sexual game between partners is a very special foreplay. It creates a unique sexual experience for partners with strong visual means and interesting dramatic role relationships.

If we divide the foreplay into two sections, one is for the spirit and the other is for the body, then the sexual game is spiritual flirtation.

According to the survey, 1 / 3 of women and 15% of men in the urban population do not love sex, lack creativity, lack freshness, or even asexual… This is the reality of many partners’ lives. As an effort to keep the relationship alive and passionate, sex games are worth a try.

Sexy underwear? cosplay? Whatever you like

In sex games, wearing sexy underwear different from conventional underwear makes you a new role and image different from the role and image of daily life, or you and your partner enter the role that is very different from yourself at the same time, and the strong freshness and excitement come out.


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