If you don’t want to have another baby, parents must do a good job in contraception, otherwise it’s always the mother who gets hurt. However, passionate sex is easy to make people take contraception lightly, and contraceptive methods are unreliable. Let’s take a look at the unreliable contraceptive methods summarized by the doctors, and see if you are hit?

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Safe period contraception

Safe contraception has no cost and no side effects, so it is most popular with parents. But its contraceptive success is only 76% – 95%. The probability of winning the bid is still relatively high, and the safety period is calculated according to the regular menstruation. If the menstruation is irregular, the probability of winning the bid is higher. Moreover, there may be fluctuations in the monthly ovulation period, or it may be possible to remember the wrong time. Therefore, the “safety period” is actually not safe, and many girls are recruited in the so-called safety period.

Incorrect use of condoms

Don’t think that condoms are safe. They are even more unreliable when used incorrectly. In fact, there are also many men who use condoms casually and do not pay attention to some details, which will lead to unexpected pregnancy. Do not use it every time you have sex, or wear it from the beginning of sexual intercourse, but wait until you feel ejaculation.

Emergency contraceptives

Some couples do not pay enough attention to contraception. They often take emergency contraceptives after sex without taking contraception measures. Although this drug is effective for an unprotected sex life, it has a large dose of hormone, large side effects, and is easy to cause menstrual disorders, irregular bleeding, etc., and can not replace conventional contraception for long-term use.

External ejaculation contraception

Some men will quickly withdraw the penis from the vagina when they are about to ejaculate at orgasm to avoid semen entering the vagina. However, men have a small amount of sperm flowing out before ejaculation, which is enough to make women pregnant. Moreover, this method requires the man’s self-control extremely, is not easy to master, and has a high failure rate.

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