After giving birth to the baby, if the husband and wife have a long drought and sweet rain, the joy of fish and water is always inevitable. However, as a new mother of caesarean section, the trauma to the uterus will take a long time to heal. If she gets pregnant again and has an abortion, it will cause great physical harm to her mother, and even very dangerous. Compared with the new mother of natural birth, the postpartum contraception of caesarean mothers needs more attention.

The puerperal period is within 42 days after delivery. During this period, the endometrium will gradually repair and the blood flow will gradually stop. If there is any abnormality, go to the hospital in time. After caesarean section, like natural delivery, you should start sexual life after three months postpartum, preferably after menstruation.

If the mother breastfeeding, uterine involution is good, if the vagina is no longer bleeding, the doctor checks that the wound healing is good, you can resume sexual life. However, strict contraceptive measures must be taken to avoid pregnancy. You can take condoms or post natal ring measures to avoid pregnancy. Generally, male condoms can be used as a better contraceptive method.

In addition, some women’s postpartum sexual life may have low sexual desire or dissatisfaction with sexual life. We should pay attention to finding the reasons and treating the symptoms. It must be noted that generally do not have sexual intercourse within 40 days of natural birth, do not have sexual intercourse within 2 months of caesarean section, and generally resume ovulation in 10 weeks, you may get pregnant, and some may get pregnant without necessarily coming to menstruation.


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