After the baby is born, the new mother can finally say goodbye to the “abstinence” life and share the happiness of fish and water with her husband. However, many new moms do not know how to use contraception or adopt incorrect contraceptive methods. They often get pregnant again a few months after giving birth to their baby, and finally have to go to the hospital for abortion. Because the reproductive organs of postpartum women have not yet returned to normal state, and new mothers who have had caesarean section still have wounds in their uterus, it is easy to be damaged during induced abortion. In this way, the new mommy’s physical damage is great, and even life-threatening. I strongly suggest that it is necessary for new mothers to choose the best contraceptive method after childbirth.

Five contraceptive methods

1. External ejaculation

Advantages: in the normal sex life, when the man enters the climax, the moment of ejaculation, the penis is pulled out, and the semen is discharged outside the female vagina, so as to achieve the purpose of contraception. In addition to a towel or a stack of toilet paper to receive semen, this method does not need any other items. Therefore, it only needs human control, which is economical and simple.

Disadvantages: this method is extremely unsafe, because when a man feels he wants to ejaculate, a small part of the sperm has already come out. Regular use of this method will also affect the harmony of sexual life.

2. Male condom

Advantages: it can be purchased directly at the pharmacy counter. In sexual life, male condom can prevent bacteria from being introduced into the vagina, as well as prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Disadvantages: male condoms may crack or slip; condoms containing spermicide may also irritate the vagina. And it must be in the case of men willing to use, in order to play the role of contraception.

3. Contraceptives

Advantages: oral contraceptive is the most popular contraceptive method in the West. It is not only a contraceptive method that can restore fertility at any time, but also has stable effect, and can help women relieve the discomfort caused by massive blood loss and menstrual pain during menstruation. New research shows that oral contraceptives can also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.

Disadvantages: for lactating mothers, because most of the contraceptives contain estrogen, will change the composition of milk, affect the development of the baby, so should not take.

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