Why does external ejaculation lead to pregnancy?

External ejaculation, also known as extraction method or sexual intercourse interruption method. The external ejaculation method is based on the male physiological phenomenon. Men’s climax is divided into two stages, the first stage, semen concentrated in the penis, known as “ejaculation inevitable” stage, a few seconds later to reach the second stage – “ejaculation stage”, semen through the urethra.

When using the external ejaculation method, the male ejaculates the penis out of the vagina at the inevitable stage of ejaculation. In the female external ejaculation, the male’s secretion during sexual excitement may contain a small amount of sperm, but it does not necessarily contain sperm. Although it may cause pregnancy, the probability is very small.

The reason why we don’t advocate external ejaculation is that it’s very difficult to control. If it can control external ejaculation well, you may not get pregnant.

But external ejaculation can cause a serious sexual problem: premature ejaculation. For men and women who use external ejaculation, the most common procedure is to stimulate the man to a very excited stage in the prelude. After inserting it, they pump it several times and suddenly pull out the ejaculation. This can satisfy the man and ensure that the woman will not be pregnant. However, both men and women are easy to fall into the trap of sexual psychology. At the beginning, they ignore the idea that men should help women to be satisfied. Therefore, before long, men will develop the habit of premature ejaculation.

There are three reasons for the failure of ejaculation in vitro

1. Before ejaculation, sperm cells usually flow out a few drops from the urethra. Each drop contains about 50000 sperm. If it flows into the vagina, a drop of semen is enough to fertilize a woman’s egg.

2. In the most intense stage of sprint, the time to draw out the penis may be too late due to the man’s attachment pleasure, so that part of the semen is ejaculated in the vagina.

3. Sometimes, after ejaculation in vitro, the man immediately touches the woman’s pudenda with his fingers to make her reach climax or have a second sexual intercourse soon after. In both cases, the fingers and penis may carry sperm into the vagina.

Fortunately pregnant grass reminds, external ejaculation is not a good contraceptive method, even in the safe period of use, the failure rate is still very high, and there is the possibility of developing premature ejaculation, therefore, for newly married couples who want to contraception soon, can try contraceptive or drug contraceptive method, if insist on external ejaculation method, it may be “lose his wife and lose his soldiers” ah!


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